February 7, 2022

Mood Booster: Dreaming About Your Next Vacation

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One thing that keeps me going in the winter is dreaming about an upcoming trip. The anticipation is basically the adult equivalent of waiting for Christmas to come. So if you are looking for a mood booster, consider dreaming about your next vacation.

The benefits of planning a vacation

You know that happy feeling you get just imagining yourself in the surroundings of your choice? Did you know just thinking of it is good for you? I mean, I posted a reel on Instagram of the ocean with calm music and just watching lowers my stress levels. But people with actual scientific degrees agree as well.

I stumbled upon this National Geographic article and here’s the top line gist:

Planning and anticipating a trip can be almost as enjoyable as going on the trip itself, and there’s research to back it up. A 2014 Cornell University study delved into how the anticipation of an experience (like a trip) can increase a person’s happiness substantially—much more so than the anticipation of buying material goods. An earlier study, published by the University of Surrey in 2002, found that people are at their happiest when they have a vacation planned.


Additionally, I shared in my last post how I’m reading the book Atomic Habits.  In one chapter, the author speaks about dopamine, you know that chemical in your brain that gives you the happy feelings?  Well, apparently your happiest planning your next vacation.  And sometimes, just the thought of it is even better than the trip itself!! Talk about a free positive mind shift.  Just think happy thoughts!

So where’s your next trip?

views from the andronis hotel oia greece

Dreaming of Your Next Vacation: Ideas to Plan Your Best Trip

I don’t need to tell you how to dream, but just a few ideas as you get in the mindset of that happy state.

Make a List

As part of my goals, I always include travel goals. I have a lifetime list of places I want to visit {St. Barths, Australia, Columbia, The Great Wall}, but I also like to just travel somewhere new each year. I’m trying to get to all 50 states so that will be fun trying to hit before I hit 50!

Narrow Down Your Interests

Here is where you are honest with yourself. Sometimes the idea of something is not the reality. For example, I’m pretty outdoorsy. I don’t mind getting dirty.  And I can rough it during the day.  But there is no way I would enjoy sleeping in the wild overnight.  I know my own limits.  So think about what is off limits for you.

Soak Up the Surroundings

When I was younger, my goal was to hit as many places as possible.  So my caveat to the list is to do it in a way that you can absorb the destination.  Allow yourself to sit in a cafe for hours, wander the streets, watch the locals, or just stare at the beautiful setting in front you.

My travel mood boosters

We have two trips coming up. One family trip to the Caribbean and another just the parents to Italy. Being near water is my happy place and to say I’m excited, especially after these last few years is an understatement. So naturally, I started outfit planning.

Here are a few thing on my resort west mood board. Some I actually already purchased.

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Shop Your Next Vacation Resort Wear Looks




A few favorite vacation looks

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Have fun your next trip!

If you are looking for a few travel destinations, share a few favorites from past vacations:

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– 36 Hours in Paris

– Los Poblanos: Lavender Farm in New Mexico

– Atlantis Bahamas Family Trip

– Aspen Colorado Ski Trip

– Jackson Hole Wyoming Travel Diary


Drop your dream vacation in the comments below!



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