Here is a little bit about my fitness journey

I feel like I’ve experienced all the lows of trying to be and even more so look fit.

From starvation diets at an early age, binging to cope with heavy emotions, obsessing over the number the scale told me, exercising to get the perfect thigh gap, and thinking the perfect body will make all your dreams come true. I started young and kept it going.

After kids, it was the comparison on who lost the most baby weight, the inability to pull yourself out of bed from complete lack of real sleep, laughing at the idea of exercise when all you feel is exhaustion, and the thinking you can’t take time for yourself because “you’re a mom now” .

Looking back, I’ve wasted a lot of time, energy and brain cells on the wrong things. I owe it to my past self to be truly present and create a better future.

It’s time to focus on the highs of fitness. Which is why I’m bringing joy and mindfulness to the forefront of my exercise program.

I want a new narrative for myself and my children, especially my daughter. I want them (and everyone honestly) to see a strong woman who enjoys her life.

I became a fitness instructor during the pandemic. I didn’t plan it that way, but coming out of a challenging time with a purpose to empower women to feel their best is an outcome that I’m happy to fulfill. I know first hand that those times of struggle and uncertainty will shape you into what you are to become.

For my SCULPTone workouts, I have taken my love of barre and pliates and fused it with dance and cardio to really sculpt and tone your entire body. And let me say, my younger self would approve of these workouts.

I hope that you will discover how great your body can actually feel. How strong you are and will become. And find that joy of showing up for your life.