June 15, 2017

9 Summer Reads

Wednesday was Sam’s last day of PK3. I can’t believe we have one year under our belt! With posters around the school reminding students about “Summer Brain Gain”, I started thinking about what books to read this summer. Last year, on our trip to the shore I was dealing with a sick 9 month old and barely got through an Allure magazine. This summer, I’m hoping to get through a few more.


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I recently ordered  Eleanor Oliphant is Complelty Fine,   Fly Me,   and Into the Water  from Amazon.  Once I get through those my next adds will be Cleopatra’s Shadow,  The Good Widow

The last book I finished was Everything You Wanted Me to Be which I really enjoyed. I highly recommend you pick it up, then grab a beach chair and enjoy a summer day.

I shared on Instagram How to Be Married.  If you have no summer travel ahead, you can live vicariously through Jo Piazza and learn all about different cultures ideas of marriage. It’s also a fun gift to bring to your summer bridal showers.

Hillbilly Elegy  is a little more of a serious/current events read. If you want to unplug from the news but get an insider perspective from growing up in Appalachia, this book is for you.

For anyone who lived in NYC in their twenties, Sweet Bitter brings back those memories. Being a complete foodie I loved reading about behind the scenes at a restaurant.

So a few new ones we can try together and a few Finding Beauty Mom tested reads.  I will say I also read The Dry and Idaho and do not recommend.  As a mom, I can’t handle murder plots that involve small children. I will say that The Dry was a bit of a page turner if you have the stomach for it.  Maybe Idaho was too intellectual for me. I kept reading because I felt it was on the verge of getting better or something profound was going to happen.  But that didn’t happen for me.

P.S. I totally miss my book {life} club with the girls in Philadelphia. If anyone has book recommendations, please share! Happy reading!!



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