November 19, 2018

Self Care Notes from My Birthday Week

self care week: my favorite birthday celebration

self care week: my favorite birthday celebration


Yesterday was my birthday. And I have to say, it was a good one.  I had such a wonderful time not only with my family, but also getting an amazing day yesterday to rest and relax.  I actually watched a TV – my first in a long time.  I’m not saying that I don’t ever watch TV, but it’s mostly kid shows or something that Jeff and I pick to watch together.  There is no way, I could have watched Younger with any one else in the house.  Anyway, so many great things this week. Here are my top 5 self care highlights….


  1.  My realtor along with the kid’s school hold a food drive to help out Capitol Hill’s homeless.  I went with the kids to pick out our contributions – cans of green beans, yams, boxes of mac and cheese and a $25 Gift Card from Harris Teeter to go towards the turkeys.  The kids helped me drop off all the items this week and it was so great to see them giving back.
  2. I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Fat Mascara, and the guest was education the audience on Korean beauty traditions.  One thing was essential was a diffuser by their bed,  I had purchased this one recently and now moved it by me.  I need to up my essential oil game, but for now, I keep it simple with lavender at night and peppermint during the day.
  3. For my birthday, we headed out as a family to my favorite place, Le Diplomat! Forget the cake and pass the amazing French Fries.
  4. I finally organized the junk drawer.  Not very glamorous, but now that I’ve removed the unnecessary items I can actually view what’s inside.  It makes me happy every time I open it that it’s not the mess it once was.
  5. I recently took advantage of the Sephora sale last week! My new goodies arrived and now I have a new serum, eyeliner, this amazing Indie Lee gift set and my birthday gift from Bite Beauty!


How was your week? Share your self care favorites below!



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