October 27, 2019

Fall Jackets + First Jobs

Fall jackets old navy fall coats

Fall jackets old navy fall coatsFall jackets old navy fall coatsCamel color coat tan jacket for fall
Seriously, how pretty are all those trees changing into their fall colors? And even nicer is the weather! Sweaters and fall jackets are starting to pop up on Capitol Hill and I’m loving it.

I hope you enjoyed my fall boots post where I also added some personal thoughts and stories. I’m doing it again today with this post as well!

This pretty camel colored jacket from Old Navy was a great find {I snagged it for $35}. It’s a great dupe for the J Crew Stadium coat. Speaking of Old Navy, did you know that it was one of my first jobs?

When I was younger I was required to have a job. There was no allowance or extra cash. If I wanted something, I needed to earn money or it. For my car, I paid for gas and insurance. So I always had at least one job {and as many as three} during high school and college.

My run at Old Navy was a lesson in humility. I thought a job in retail would be a great way to get some more outfits. But quickly discovered how hard it really is.

The first task I had on my first day was to clean the bathroom. Not exactly what I had in mind. Then I moved on to sorting out those extremely messy dressing rooms of discarded clothes. Also not fun.

Another shock came when I didn’t realize my shifts also included “on call shifts” where I would also be required to come in when the team was short staffed.

After overextending myself for months while trying to keep my honor class grades up, I broke down crying at school. My Religion teacher, Ms. Braine, took me in the hallway and told me that this job was taking too much of a toll on me and recommended I quit. Isn’t it crazy how you can still so clearly visualize something like that so long ago?

While I did quit, I didn’t hold it against Old Navy. The timing just wasn’t right and we weren’t the best match.  I guess I’ve come full circle that now I write blog posts about Old Navy jackets.

What were some of your first jobs and the lessons you learned from them?

Fall jackets old navy fall coats

About the look:

Old Navy Jacket

Cami: Target

Spanx leggings

Snakeskin Loafers

Yeti tumbler


Speedy Bag

Tortoise shell earrings, old, but similar here.


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