June 17, 2020

Lake Vacation Packing List

Lake vacation packing list, lake vacation, lakes in the northeast USA

Lake vacation packing list, lake vacation, lakes in the northeast USA While I grew up going to the beach, I’ve quickly fallen in love with a Lake Vacation.  When I first started dating Jeff, I still remember him taking me to his family’s lake house at Lake Winola that first summer. It was so beautiful and peaceful and my fondness for it has only grown through the years. I’m now on my 16th summer at the lake!

Now that we have kids, I love seeing them play at the lake where their dad grew up on.  It’s so fun to watch them point out ducks, blue herons, and eagles while running on the grassy shoreline. Being at the lake is totally relaxing and makes you feel like you’re really out in nature. Every year, we look forward to this special time.

Lake Vacation Packing List

Lake vacation, lake winola pa, where to summer in the northeast

One of the kids’ favorite things to do is go on boat rides.  The whole family jumps on the boat for a long trip around the lake. Now that Tucker is part of our family, he took his first boat ride last week! I also want to get Sam water skiing soon. That ship has sailed for me, but happy my kids get to start young.

This year, we had a trip planned for a week in July. However, after being stuck in the house for the last few months and our current ability to work remotely, we decided to come up for the month of June. Our first order of business was checking the Wi-Fi connection. Ensuring that these remote locations have the connection you need and cell phone service is key.

Mommy and me matching swimsuits, lake Anna Virginia

Matching Lake Swimsuits: Amazon polka dot swimsuit on me. Target swimsuit on Marielle.

If you are looking for a great summer getaway that the whole family will enjoy, you should highly consider a lake vacation.  Here in the North East there are so many great options. Plus, lakes are usually only a short car ride away so you don’t have to worry about flying or overcrowding on a beach.  The lake we visit is a five hour trip from Washington, DC and two and a half hours from New York City.

Lake life, lake sunsets, lake winola pa

Now, if you’re ready to book your trip, the next thing you need is a lake vacation packing list!

Lake vacation packing list

One piece swimsuit

One of my favorite things to do is jump off the boat into the lake on a hot day. Sometimes I hold hands with one of the kids. Doing a jump like that requires you to be held together. A simple black one piece suit does the trick.  If you’re just going to stay on the dock, then whatever suit you like goes!


Cut off Shorts

Cut off denim shorts are a casual and easy to throw on over your swimsuit for an easy summer outfit. If you need more lake outfit inspo, this post on summer short outfits will help.


 Bug Spray

Yes, you’re going to be around some bugs. I like to use a DEET free one. Some of my favorites are the OFF! Botanicals or the Babyganics bug spray.


Environmentally Safe Sunscreen

With all my sunscreen, I like to use clean and environmentally friendly options. You’re in natural and want to protect the beautiful surroundings and yourself! I like Countersun Mineral sunscreen lotion.


You will definitely need something to keep you warm in the evenings. The more casual the better! Look like a real laker with a zip up hoodie or a vintage look.

Life Vests

If you decide to go kayaking, canoeing, water skiing or go out into the lake, you’ll need a life vest. We always have a few for the kids and adult life vests for us. There are even life vests for dogs if your pup isn’t a good swimmer!


If you have a day out on the boat or simply want to keep your beverages {wine, beer, seltzer, juice boxes, and water} cold, don’t forget a cooler. The YETI is better for bigger hauls and this portable one has wheels making it great for easy travel.

Board Games + Puzzles

It’s a pretty chill environment, making your escape the perfect time to reconnect with family game time.  Puzzles, board games,  and cards are all a wonderful way to spend the day.

Smores Kit

These tasty crowd pleasers are not just for camping!  If your lake house has a fire pit this is a super fun way to end the day. This Hershey’s S’Mores kit has everything you need!

Lake vacation packing list, lake vacation, lakes in the northeast USA

Lake Outfit

One piece swimsuit {old, but similar here} // cutoff denim shorts // quay aviators // flip flops

Hope you have fun at the lake soon! If you have a favorite lake destination, share in the comments below!

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