September 21, 2017

Getting an Organic Eco-Friendly Facial

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When I turned 30, getting a facial became part of my regular beauty routine.  If I could turn back time, I would have started earlier as a preventative measure.  Back then, the only spa service I craved were full body massages.  I thought, if I’m paying someone to pamper me, let me be totally relaxed.  I didn’t want an esthetician talking to me during this time, let alone scrutinizing my pore size or telling me my skin is dry. But things have definitely changed in a few ways. First, I now value the honest and professional evaluation over the deep tissue kneading.   I need to hear what’s working and not in order to get my best skin.   The second change is the whole green beauty movement.  A few years back, green, organic and natural skincare products were not as prevalent as they are today.  As I become more informed on skincare ingredients, I am more and more conscious of what is seeping into my pores.  So finding an organic, eco-friendly facial with products and solutions I can feel good about is high on my list. Combat ready balm Emerald door spa I connected with Sara Demelio, the owner of the green beauty spa, The Emerald Door.   Sara knows a thing or two about organic beauty.  She created Skincado, a skincare line made with 100% organic ingredients, handcrafted in her local DC workshop.  The most notable of the line are the Combat Ready Balms.  Sara offered to give me a facial at her spa and after testing out the Eye Balm and Miracle Cream from her Luxe line, I had to say yes! For the most part, the organic facial appointment was pretty similar to your normal facial. What really set it apart was the products used and the connection Sara has with her suppliers.  While each organic facial will differ by spa, I’ll take you through my experience. Once Enya begins begins the relaxation mode, a light steam kicks off the facial.  After a triple cleanse,  Sarah applies a Pumpkin Enzyme Masque .  Pumpkin not only gets you in a fall mood, but also increases cell renewal, brightens skin and smooths your complexion.  It’s not an ingredient you see often, but so rich in anti-oxidants it should be. The next interesting product Sara uses is a Cretan Thyme Honey.  The Saviolakis family has been in the bee keeping business in Greece for over 250 years and distribute this honey locally from Chevy Chase, MD.  This was brushed lightly all over my skin with this brush. You will see honey mentioned in many DIY home facials.  It’s a great natural ingredient that helps with acne and gives you glowing skin.  This raw, organic thyme honey is good enough to eat, is rich in anti-oxidants, and contain cancer fighting ingredients.   Organic facial products After a skin check, extractions {the least favorite part of any facial}, ultrasonic microdermabrasion,  I get a nice treatment mask.  I’m psyched it’s an Orgaid mask {check out my previous post here on this organic Vitamin C fav!}.  During all of this, Sara gives my face a lymphatic massage to stimulate waste drainage from the lymphs. {More on that here if you are interested}. Last final steps includes a scalp massage {warning, you will look oily. However, I took the greasy hair, don’t care, approach and went out to Two Amy’s for pizza afterwards with the fam}.  A dab of the hydrating Skincando Luxe products, and your skin is glowing and refreshed!!! Ah……. Vegan Skincare, organic skincare The wrap up: My skin had a gorgeous glow and felt tighter, cleaner and revitalized. Just what I needed after a summer spent in the sun.  I also really loved learning more about the natural ingredients that pack a punch without being toxic.  I definitely looked better and felt better knowing I used healthy products to nourish my skin.

Eco Facial Discount

If you are or ever visit the DC area, enjoy 10% off a 60 minute eco-facial!    Enjoy! Kellie

Thank you Sara and the Emerald Door for the service and products!

All opinions here are my own. 

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