November 13, 2017

3 Ways to stay healthy this holiday season

Healthy during the holidays

Parties. Christmas cookies.  Those Ferrero Roche chocolate balls everywhere. There are many celebrations and indulgences this time of year. Usually, being healthy takes a backseat to all the festivities.  With so much to do, who has time to exercise? It’s easier to take the Carrie Bradshaw approach of “Shopping is my cardio.”  It’s all so fun until that holiday hangover sets in January 1 and you wish you didn’t overdo it. 

I wish I could offer a workout or magic potion to make being healthy a little easier.  I’m actually considering Kayla Itsines BBG after so many friends have recommended it.  However, I don’t want to dive into something intense right now.  I just need balance and an attack plan to keep me feeling good.  Like the mimosas I get after a Sunday morning spin class at Biker Barre.

I am a firm believer that positive thoughts lead to positive actions and produce positive results.  That said, I’ve been trying to spend a little time each day to help make a big impact in the long run.  Especially over the holidays. Here  are the three things I’m doing even without even breaking a sweat.


Daily Affirmations

Each month I  set an intention or goal. Looking ahead, I acknowledge the challenges and pick a few phrases that will help me. For November,  this means motivating myself through the cold and not going too crazy on my birthday.  I usually pick 5-6 positive sentences in present or future tense and write them out three times.  There are lots to choose from and everyone’s list will be different.  Some ideas are:

  • I choose to be healthy and active
  • Life is about balance
  • I am focused and motivated
  • My daily exercises make me stronger
  • I will reach my goals

Inspirational Reads

Just reading about the healthy choices people make inspires me.  For instance, after reading Khira’s Morning Beauty routine in this post, I am determined to do an early morning workout on of these days.

I recently picked up the book, Skin Deep, a collection of columns on the daily routines and skincare rituals of famous women.  I may be enjoying some downtime, but also getting healthy ideas like how Zoe Kravitz downloaded Ballet Beautiful at-home videos for when she’s out of town.  Similarly, same for the book, Tools of the Titans.  Here, billionaires, icons and world class performers share their habits. I passed this on to Jeff and he started making healthier lunch choices. Again, it’s the little things!

It doesn’t have to book.  Find a podcast, read a fitness blog, or even follow someone on social media that will spark a fire for you to stay healthy.

Healthy during the holidays

Scheduled Workouts

I recently came to the realization that a gym membership is not for me.  I need some structure.  Instead,  going to classes or walking outside keeps my interest.  Right now, I’m loving Class Pass, which is pretty economical and allows me to go to spin, barre and yoga classes at different studios.  Since I’ve been planning the blog calendar, I now add what days I’ll do a workout.  For example, I marked down a spin class the Monday after Thanksgiving. I can enjoy the holidays but know it’s time to get back on track once the new week starts.

It can be simple as ‘every Thursday I’ll take a 30 minute walk’.  Or schedule a workout with a friend – you’ll be less likely to flake out!

Hope this gives you a little motivation to keep healthy for the next 8 weeks.  Again, it’s all about getting your mind prepped.  Once you get your strategy in place, the rest will come easy. You got this!

Healthy Choices

3 ways to stay healthy


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