November 4, 2018

My 5 Favorite Investment Items and What’s Next On My List

leather moto jacket outside maydan

I’m sure you’ve read an article or heard the advice on purchasing investment items for yourself.  It usually entails asking, ” How many times will I wear/use this?’.  So if you compare a shirt you bought for $20 and wore it once, that is a worse purchase than a $500 bag you wore 50 times.  Using that logic,  I’m going to share a few items in my closet that are on the pricer side, but have served me well.


canada goose winter parka

1 //  Canada Goose Down Parka. I purchased this coat in 2010.  After 7 years of keeping me warm all winter, this coat is still a staple.  Yes, it’s pricey and there was major hesitation at that initial purchase, but it has never let me down.  Once the first truly cold day of winter hits, I’ll be wearing mine.



Stuart weitzman nudist heel

2 // Stuart Weitzman Nudist Heels.  This investment item has saved me from countless hours of stress.  It’s rare that I actually buy a fancy dress for a wedding, but I’ve repeatedly worn these shoes over and over again.  I recently wore them at my sister-in-law’s wedding and you can also see them in this post and this one. I would choose black or silver with this heel.  They are so simple and elegant and instantly elevate your look.

investment items: sorel winter boots3 // Sorel Boots. These boots are everything.  Before kids, I didn’t think I needed to invest in outdoor gear, but seriously, boots like these are a must!  This fall I’ve been on a farm almost every week.  {Which is a little strange, but I kinda love it}.  The other day I chaperoned a field trip and to say it was a muddy experience would be an understatement.  Thankfully, I wore these boots and easily trudged through the muck. I have both a wedge and a snow boot – plus matching ones for the kids!



leather moto jacket outside maydan4 // Leather Jacket.  I don’t remember the exact year I purchased this quilted leather jacket, but I was still at Revlon.  So I would guess at least 2015.  Still to this day I get compliments on it.  I think the quilting gives a nice feminine touch to an edgy look.  But really, any moto jacket is going to make you look a little more fierce.  For a softer look, try a suede jacket in a light gray or brown {check out the caramel one I included in this post}.


Cartier watch. why this is an investment item you need5 // Cartier Tank Watch. This was a push present gift from Jeff when Sam was born.  I wanted one so badly for a long time.  It’s such a timeless, classic, elegant watch.  One that I’ll be wearing for decades more and will gift to Marielle at some point.  If the price scares you, check out a pre-owned watch.  Places like Overstock and the Real Real have certified watches that can be a great option – and no one will know the difference!


Investment Items On My Wish List:

Classic Belts: I’ve been seeing so many great outfit with a classic logo belt like Gucci or Hermes.


Ladylike Bags: It’s been a while since I invested in a new bag.  I’ve found that the simpler the better for maximum use.


investment items worth the splurge                                                  1.  Canada Goose Parka     2. Cartier Tank Watch      3. Stuart Weitzman Nudist Heels    4. Gucci Belt {wish list!}    5. Moto Jacket {no longer available but check out this one}   6. Givenchy Bag {wish list!}    7.  Sorel Boots 

What investment items are on your wish list?  If there is someone you want to drop some hints to, share this post!

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  • I love this post! I have a slim, fitted long Patagonia down jacket that was a big investment but I'm SO grateful for it. On my list are some of those adorable wedge-heeled Sorel boots - they are such a great way to look chic even when the weather is brutal - and a REAL leather jacket. I bought a vegan one last year to make sure I would actually wear it before I splurged (no surprise: I wear it all. the. time.)
    • Those sorel boots work wondering on field trips too! I know that leather jacket - you look amazing in it. : )