September 14, 2018

The Best Fall Wedding Guest Looks

Fall Wedding Guest Looks

Fall Wedding Guest Looks
As a professional wedding guest, I feel like I’m always on the hunt for what to wear. I remember back in 2008, before social media was really big, I could wear a dress to 6 different weddings in a year and call it a day. { Yes, back then I was probably going to at least 6 weddings a year!} But now with so many pictures taken and available for all to see, I feel like everyone is upping their game. So today I’m doing the ultimate guide to fall wedding guest looks. And this isn’t the first post I’ve done on the topic. A few others include…

Wedding Guest Dress: Cocktailthe perfect wedding guest dress and look

La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni Blue Yashiline Dress | Stuart Weitzman Nudist Heels | Chanel Bag | Makeup Look: By Khira Kharam {more details in this post

Pink cocktail dress for wedding look

Solace London Pink Cecile Sheath | Also in blue and red


I’ve been posting pictures from my sister-in-law’s wedding on Instagram, Like to Know It, and Facebook but haven’t gotten into the details of my look. I did share my smokey eye makeup here so check that out! Now, this dress was one of my favorites. At first I wanted to go for a long dress, but realized I’m going to be dancing a lot and opted for comfort. The dress was a dream, so comfortable and elegant. So many people complimented me on the dress. I was a little nervous about the cutouts on the side, but they weren’t too showy. Also, many of you really liked my runner up dress so I’m including that below as well. It was really pretty, but pink in the evening is not a color I’ve pulled off before and just felt more “me” in the navy.  Also, I figured I would make it in a family picture or two and staying neutral was the safer choice.

My next wedding is next month in Philadelphia, and then I actually don’t have any on our radar for a while {friends, family…start proposing!}. I just tried on the dress I’m going to wear today and love! It’s a little unexpected, but if you’ve read some of my fall posts from last year, you won’t be surprised once you see it. Still working through the details on how to style it, so I’ll keep you posted.

Now, let’s get into these fun picks…



I usually stay away from black at a wedding and like to go with festive colors.  Or if it is black, I like to elevate it somehow with an interesting neckline or detail.  Weddings are fun, so when you wear a bold color you come ready to party.



I love a good sparkle and shimmer with a dress.  Again, something that just adds a little glam to your look. Also, keep these in mind for a potential New Year’s Eve party!!



I am no stranger to Rent the Runway and usually check their options before buying a new dress.  I’ve actually worn many of the dresses in the picks below and haven’t had a bad experience yet! {The dress arrives before 8PM.  So if you’re event is on a Saturday, I highly recommend getting it on Thursday just in case}.  For destination weddings, I’ve also had the dress shipped directly to the hotel where I’m staying.  But only if it’s a well know location.  For my wedding at Los Poblanos in New Mexico, I felt it was too remote and opted to bring my own dress.



Now to make the entire look come together.  Here is where I go a little more expensive since I can wear these multiple times and are great staples to have. My personal favorite has been these Stuart Weitzman Nudist heels.



A few additional items that are essential to a wedding that you shouldn’t forget about.  The first is Spanx.  I know, they are a necessary evil, but they will suck you in and make you feel your best.  You don’t want panty lines showing and Spanx help smooth everything out.  The correct undergarments can really make or break an outfit. Just make sure you can breathe!  Also, you’ll be surprised how many times someone needs a safety pin.  Be that hero and carry a few in your purse. Lastly, bring a pair of flats or sandals to save your feet from end of the night dancing.

And while these dresses and accessories will make you look gorgeous at any wedding, the most important thing is to have fun!  Grab some champagne and get on the dance floor! Mingle with people.  Catch up with friends and family you haven’t seen in ages.  There is no greater gift you can give the bride and groom than a packed dance floor.  They paid for the band or DJ and they want to see people have the time of their lives.  So why not do just that. Cheers!

What are your favorite wedding guest looks.  Share how you style your dresses or tips and advice down below.  And as always, if you have any questions or need extra help finding that perfect outfit, just let me know! Happy wedding season to everyone!

One shoulder navy cocktail dress


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