April 8, 2021

Beauty Google Web Stories I Recently Published

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I’ve been working with Google by creating beauty web stories and if you haven’t seen them on the web, I thought I put a few here and let you view!  To be honest, I wasn’t that familiar with web stories but they are such a great idea.  I really believe that they will become more and more commonplace.


What Are Google Web Stories?

These are the google version of “stories” that you’re probably familiar with on Instagram.  Google is adding these to their search results as more and more people are looking for quick, dynamic experiences. So rather than read an entire blog post or news article, you’ll see a few slides that will include animation, video, and lots of pictures.  That’s what you’ll find below!

If you are trying to find google web stories, you should download the google app.  When you search for a topic or have a question, you may start to see more of these pop up.  While I’m primarily working on beauty items, you can find any topic from recipes to what to wear!


What I Like About Web Stories

First, as I mentioned, more and more of us are watching videos vs. reading.  So having images be the main feature is really helpful.  Second, I honestly enjoy creating a web story vs. writing out a blog post.  I don’t see myself completely stopping that practice in the immediate future, but one of my 2021 goals is to do more of what I love, so it may take over at some point.  Lastly, unlike Instagram, the story is owned by the creator.  So I have complete control over what it shows and I can edit in the future.  It’s now part of the web and lives on forever, not just 24 hours.



Beauty Google Web Stories I Created








Be on the lookout for more stories over the next few months.  I hope you enjoy them!  Also, if you ever have a burning beauty question or any topic really that you think would be helpful in a google web story, please pass it along!




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