January 2, 2021

My 2021 Goals

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2021 goals, planners, yearly planners, goal setting, journalizing, positive vibesWow, we made it to the end of the year!! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a fresh start. Now, I know that the world isn’t going to go back to normal on January 1. But having a sense of hope is always a good thing.

So each year, I go back to my previous year’s goals and resolutions to take stock of what I wanted for the year. Now, just the simple act of surviving 2020 is an award itself. But I am thankful that there were so many silver linings. Like spending time with my family, becoming a fitness instructor, adding Tucker to our family, and even pre-pandemic events like our birthday bash and Aspen.

This year, I’ve been struggling to set specific big goals. Maybe it’s because now I know that unforeseen events can really put a wrench in your plans. Or maybe it’s because the changes I accomplished last year like redesigning my website and getting a fitness certification were really pivotal moves. But I do have some things in mind.

My 2021 Goals

Setting goals as a mom blogger, setting goals for a fitness blogger, goal setting for influencers, becoming an influencer, digital entrepreneur goals

One of my key takeaways from 2020 is really focusing in on what I love. What makes me happy. What lights me up. Those are the things that I want to do more of. So some of those include:

  • Leaning into the fitness + wellness space. There are so many things to list here. I feel that I was only scratching the surface of my journey of becoming a fitness instructor when I shared this post months ago. I think it’s because at that point I hadn’t experience a client telling me how great she felt after my class, or how much I just love to dance and listen to my favorite songs. I love the structure it has brought and the community that I am a part of. I want to continue to workout with new people, share workouts via videos, and offer my favorite healthy tips. So I hope to do more of all these in 2021.


  • Actively practice gratitude.  One practice that I brought back towards the end of 2021 was writing thank you cards. I do it at the end of the month for all my Beautycounter orders. When a new month starts, I look back at who took the time to purchase clean beauty products, choosing me as their consultant. I may know them or not. But I want that person to know I really appreciate it. And personally, the simple act of putting pen to paper and expressing gratitude for someone who has supported you, just fills me up. I would love to also do for all my LTK purchases as well, but I don’t know who or what you buy unless you tell me. So if you tag me, I will be sure to send a thanks your way!!


  • Spend more one on-one-time. While we have been spending lots of time together, I have found that just being with one kid, or even just Jeff feels so refreshing. With social distancing, we didn’t have these big parties where you felt you talked to everyone and no one at the same time. Having a walk together, or a wine outside felt like you really got to connect with someone!


  • Manifesting and Journaling. I have been doing this for a while now, but never felt more in tuned with it until now. I actually archive my old journals just to look back on what I was specifically wishing for in the past. Some of those line items actually came true! I think it fell to the wayside for me when I approached it as another thing to do. Now, I use it focus my energy. Remind myself what I’m working for. Recenter my priorities. Shape my thoughts to think that what I want to achieve is possible.


  • Partner & Align with what I love. I have lots of personal and boring business goals, but one that is on the top of my list is partnerships. There are a few dream brands and projects I would love to bring to life this year.  I decided that as part of my manifesting goals I should make a 2021 vision board that incorporates some of the ideas I have in mind. Here it is….

2021 vision board, creating a mood board to visualize your goals, setting goals for a blog or small business, influencer goal setting, fitness instructor goal setting

OK, so of all those plus:  end the pandemic, get my kids back in school full time, travel each month and have lots of celebrations, hugs with friends and family. If that can all happen, I’m good!

Ha! I know, I know. I’m only focusing on what I can control.
Before I sign off from this long post, I wanted to leave you one tip to make your 2021 or any goals happen. It’s so simple and easy which is why I love it!!

One simple + Easy tip to focus on your goals

Are you ready for this life changing tip?!?! I read the book, Get  Rich, Lucky Bitch this year. And while there are lots of great advice for achieving your goals, this one is so easy and simple but super effective. Ready?

Change your passwords to your top goal.

Hear me out. Let’s say you want to drink 20 oz. of water every day. Make your passwords something like Drink20oz or GetH20NOW! . It will remind you daily, if not several times a day on what you’re working towards. Typing it and remembering it will send messages to your brain to act upon it. It’s not permanent, so start small and update your password accordingly. And even if you think everything I just said was nonsense, what have you got to lose? I mean, how interesting is your current password. Just remember to make it safe.

FBM 2021 goals Setting goals as a mom blogger, setting goals for a fitness blogger, goal setting for influencers, becoming an influencer, digital entrepreneur goals

Well, I hope you have an amazing 12 months ahead. Cheers to 2021!!

Also, if you want to write a goal of yours down below in the comments, I’d love to hear it!






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