February 3, 2020

February Intentions

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And finally it’s February!! January seemed so long but now it feels like spring is right around the corner. This weekend, I kicked off the first weekend of the month by writing down my February intentions to share with you all.

But before I jump into this month, a little look back on last month’s intentions

My first goal was to eat more spinach. I definitely did that and now it’s a staple in my grocery cart. I also wanted to start composting. I learned that while I love my composting bucket, it seems like I need a bigger container for all the scraps our family accumulates in a week.

I also wrote that I wanted to wake up earlier and stop wasting time. These two go hand in hand for me. I’ve noticed how much better I feel getting into this practice of checking things done before 8 or just simply getting ready in the morning. On most days I’m awake before the alarm goes off!

Now, on to February….

February Intentions

February intentions, setting intentions each month, finding beauty mom monthly goals, intentions 2020

Work On: Skiing

We are headed to Colorado this month for a family ski trip. I’m so excited to go to a state I’ve never been before. As the most inexperienced skier on the trip, I’m hoping to work on some of the techniques I’ve learned in past lessons.

I took a lesson with a female instructor a few weeks ago and she really helped me. I shared with her how I get very uncomfortable going fast and freak out when I feel out of control. She made me work on my fear and gave me a few ways to overcome situations when it takes over. I’m still a newbie, but hoping to challenge myself with a more difficult slope on this trip.

Finish: the basement

We have been tackling re-doing our basement for a few weeks and now Jeff and I are ready to be done! It’s just the homestretch of low hanging fruit like decorations, wall art, objects for the bookshelves, and filling in black spaces. We just want everything complete to move on to the next project.

try: more plant based meals

This has been on my mind, but I’m still trying to figure it out. Especially since I just did a major cheese haul on my last trip to Trader Joe’s. I’m in no way on the path to becoming a vegetarian or vegan, but I would like to try eating only plant based meals for a week or so. I’m thinking about giving this a whirl after our ski trip when I’ll need to detox.

It’s a short month, so a short list. I’m all about setting small, achievable goals. It may be only a few weeks in, but I’m enjoying this practice way more than full year goals.

What are your February intentions?Finding beauty mom

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