December 4, 2018

Everything You Need for the Ultimate Hot Chocolate Bar

the ultimate hot chocolate bar

the ultimate hot chocolate barThis holiday season, we are absolutely loving the chill and relaxed vibes. There isn’t much on the agenda so simply enjoying the weekends has been nice.  Last weekend, we really kicked off Christmas.  We decorated our tree, I used up all 75 feet of fresh cedar garland around the house, and we hosted a Hot Chocolate Bar.  I wanted to have a Beautycounter pop-up this month to show off all the beautiful holiday sets.  Partnering with Emily of Penny & Paul, a DC based crochet company, we set up shop in the dining room of my home.  To give the day that extra cozy, wintery feel…. a Hot Chocolate Bar!

I think a Hot Chocolate Bar is so fun, I wish I had done it before.  It makes a great treat for winter baby and bridal showers, cousin Christmas get togethers, having friends and family over, or just staying in.  Plus, having it in the beginning of December is a great way to have all your snow day essentials on hand.  I naturally over bought on items.  But now display a few on my kitchen counters which looks so festive.

Everything You Need for the Hot Chocolate Bar

Let’s start with supplies first.  Here is what I used….

  • A large pot.  We decided to make a lot of hot chocolate.  I wanted extra on hand so some was made in the large pot. {shout out to Jeff who did all the measuring and manning the stove}
  • Slow Cooker. I kept the slow cooker close to the hot chocolate bar itself.  I also considered a large urn, but didn’t want to buy an extra piece of equipment. Also, since kids were around, I didn’t want proactive little ones getting thier own and potentially burning their hands.  Here, we provided parental control.
  • Ladle
  • Paper cups & tops.  If you’re having a few people over, using real mugs would be great.  But people were coming and going.  I ordered this set on Amazon which also comes with sleeves and stirrers.
  • Galvanized Trays.  I had one with all the toppings and treats and another for the cups. Similar ones here, here , here, and here.
  • Glass Jars.  I had a few different sizes – large cookie jars, mason jars, glass snack trays.
  • Holiday Cocktail Napkins.  I picked mine up at a local Capitol Hill Kitchen store, Hill’s Kitchen.  If you’re not local, check out these.
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The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Bar


Hot Chocolate Bar - everything you need to create this winter

Ultimate Hot Chocolate bar

Next the hot chocolate.  With gathering, prepping and holiday run around, I’m learning to manage my capabilities and know when I need to keep it simple.  So I was a hot chocolate mix all the way.  I did use milk to make it creamier.

Now for the fun! The Toppings.  This is where you can have lots of fun.  These are just what I used but personalize it to make it your own.

  • Whipped cream – regular and peppermint
  • Hot Chocolate Stirrers.  I found mine at Home Goods.  But Target also has them.
  • Marshmallows – regular and a Smashmallow Strawberry
  • Chocolate Sprinkles
  • Gold Sprinkles
  • Green Holiday Sprinkles
  • Candy Canes
  • Candy – Kit Kats, peanut M&Ms, Rol0s {my fav}
  • Chocolate Bark

Holiday Hot Chocolate party

WInter Style for Hot Chocolate Party

^^My Outfit:  Plaid top (old from J. Crew, but similar here) // White Jeans // Earrings: Bauble bar // Lipstick:  Little Black Dress 


And there you have it!  Everything you need for your very own Hot Chocolate Bar.  What other toppings would you include?  Also, if you have a fun hot chocolate recipe, share in the comments below.

Also, for plaid ideas to decorate, check out this post on my favorite pattern of the season.


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