September 12, 2018

Wedding Guest Makeup Look: The Smokey Eye

Smokey Eye Look Natural Wedding Beautycounter

Smokey Eye Look Natural Wedding BeautycounterWow.  Just wow.  It’s Wednesday and I’m still reeling from my sister-in-law’s wedding this past weekend.  It was beyond amazing!  Seriously, there were so many details that made it magical.  The speeches, champagne, fireworks, and everyone having the time of their lives.

As someone who is a frequent wedding guest, this one was for the books! Even before it began, I was super fortunate to finally work with my fabulous friend, Khira Karam to do my wedding guest makeup look! I mean, having someone who is such a talented MUA do your wedding guest makeup look is truly exciting.

For the wedding, I shared with Khira I wanted to do a smokey eye with a heavy rimmed eyeliner.  My inspiration for the look was an image I found on Pinterest of Mila Kunis.  She has such amazing eyes! It’s always a good idea to show your makeup artist a few looks that you like, especially for the first time.

I also wanted something that enhanced my entire look. Choosing a navy cocktail dress, made me want to stick to bringing out the color blue and cool tones. I knew an emphasis on my eyes would tie in nicely. Just something to consider when selecting your makeup look for events.

Now, I like to leave myself in the hands of the artists, who know their products and how to make the ladies in their chair look incredible.  But I did have an ask for Khira:  “Can we incorporate this Beautycounter Eye Shadow Palette somehow?”

This palette is absolutely gorgeous. It includes 9 shades that work great for a day time look, or extra glam like a wedding. It includes both matte and satin shades and even has a fun sparkle topper! Knowing that these triple mulled powders are long-wearing, really sealed the deal for me. I was getting my makeup done before noon and my makeup look needed to last all night.

Khira does not focus on clean beauty makeup {although she did share some of her favorites in this post}, but she saw a few shades that she liked and worked her magic.

Also for the record, as I have mentioned previously, I am moving towards cleaner products which is my 90% of the time routine.  But just like I can eat a chocolate chip cookie and call myself healthy, same goes for my beauty products.  Especially when it’s a special occasion.

Before I get into the eye look, I want to point out Khira’s approach to her makeup looks. Here,  we are totally aligned.  Your skin should always be the hero. There’s no reason to cake it down and over do it.

For my everyday look, I usually just use a tinted moisturizer.  I don’t like to do layers of foundation or hide my freckles.  My look is more natural.  Khira is totally on the same page.  Yes, there is some color correcting or an unwanted blemish that may warrant some concealer, but for the most part, she lets your skin shine and I loved how it looked.

So what products did Khira use to create this gorgeous smokey eye makeup look?  Here are the details!

Wedding Guest Makeup Look

makeup look: smokey eye natural for weddingbeautycounter romantic palette

  1. First, she laid down a base of MAC Ochre paint pot.
  2. Using the Beautycounter Romantic Eye Shadow Palette, she used the shades Truffle, Moto and Brulee to create the smokey lid.  She also used the shadow on the bottom lash line.
  3. Next up, the black eyeliner.  On the upper and lower waterlines, Khira applied the Marc Jacobs Gel Fine Liner in Black, rimming the entire eye.  Then smudged it into the lash lines and out a little more.
  4. To increase the smokiness and hold the liner all day, she added more of the Moto shade.
  5. For my lashes, I curled them and Khira used Armani Eyes to Kill waterproof mascara on the upper and lower lashes.  Then topped them with Ardell Glamour Lashes
  6. Lastly, a little Dior Nude Luminizing powder in the inner corners.



With a big eye look like this, a soft neutral lip works nice to provide balance.

I received so many compliments on my makeup that night.  The look not only complimented my one shoulder navy dress, but really made my eyes pop!  Definitely a wedding guest makeup look that I want to repeat again.

Now that fall wedding season is upon us, you should try this glam makeup look.  Or better yet, contact Khira here.

Wedding Makeup with Khira Karam

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