February 26, 2019

Family Ski Weekend: Skiing with Toddlers

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At least once over a long weekend in the winter, we like to have a family ski weekend.  Jeff grew up close to ski mountains so we also use this time as a family visit. While he has skied most his life, I have not. However, we both are in agreement that we want our kids to grow up skiing and hopefully turn this into something we call can all enjoy together.

If you are like me and want your kids to ski, but aren’t a pro yourself, here are some things that have helped us.  Our approach to skiing is super basic with the main objective of developing a love of the sport.   I know that I was super intimidated with skiing and now, I’m excited to go more!

Coat:  Obermeyer  |  Boots:  Sorel  | Hat:  Old Navy  | Sunglasses:  Amazon

On Marielle….   Coat:  Obermeyer {also here}  |  Ski pants:  Lands End  | Hat: Amazon  | Unicorn Sweater:  Target | Socks: Amazon

Family Ski Weekend:  Getting Ready

First, you need to keep everyone warm. If  you live in an area where it snows, all of these items double as snow gear.  A few things I pack for a family ski weekend are:

  1.  Waterproof coats
  2.  Snow pants or snow bib
  3.   Warm socks
  4.  Face mask/balaclava and hats that cover ears
  5.  Gloves
  6. Thermals
  7.  Sweatpants or joggers
  8. Sweaters
  9. Snow boots

Next, you need your ski gear.  At this stage, we opt to rent.  The kids don’t spend the whole day skiing and will continue to grow, so it doesn’t make sense for us.  I have heard of communities who have ski swaps, which could be a great way to save some cash on buying skis. Before we arrive at the mountain, we stop at a local ski store and get the kids {and me} fitted for skis, boots, and a helmet.

Other things that are helpful….

  • Handwarmers
  • Edgie Wedgie – this keeps the front of the skis together for kids to help them with stopping.
  • Goggles – our kids didn’t wear them, but many do

Toddler Skiing Tips

Once you have everything you need and you’re ready to ski, here is what we did….

  • Build anticipation.  A month before we go, we start psyching up the kids on how fun skiing is going to be.  We talk about how cool it is and how we can’t wait to have hot chocolate in the lodge after we’re done.
  • Make it fun.  Especially on the first try, don’t push it.  For both my kids, they only went down the slope 2-3 times before we called it a day. At these early stages, it’s not about making them a pro, but building an interest.
  • Let them Observe. When you’re on the lift, or even waiting to go up the mountain, there will inevitably be kids skiing.  Show your kids how other kids fall and get back up, create a pizza wedge, and even go super fast!

Hope that was helpful to anyone thinking about skiing with their family.  Comment below on your favorite places to ski and tips!

PS….It’s also fun to get away just the grown-ups too!  Check out my post from Mont Tremblant.


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