March 22, 2018


Mount Tremblant ski vacation

I am no stranger to travel, but this trip to Mont Tremblant had a lot of  firsts.  It was the first time I visited Canada, which is kinda crazy since it’s a country most Americans can check off their travel list.  It was the first time I went on a true ski trip.  Meaning I got on skis not just drove to Killington, VT with friends to have a good time.   And it was a first time vacation with my sister-in-law and her fiance.  So many things to be excited about even before I left!

Mount Tremblant ski vacation

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Mont Tremblant is a quaint little ski village about a 90 minute drive from the Montreal airport. Truth be told, I am as beginner as they come with skiing. Like 3 hours total of my life on skis.  But whatever your ski level is, there is something for everyone.  If warm weather travel is more your thing, you can check out my other travel guides here.



My mother-in-law arrived to watch the kids the night before.  Our flight wasn’t until 11:40 AM, so we got to drop Sam off at school and came back to say good-bye to Marielle.  We got in an uber and the first feelings of parental freedom hit.  Ahhh….  We flew out of Regan (DCA) and I excitedly picked up a People magazine, RX bar and a sheet mask from the kioske like a kid in candy store.  The flight was so short {just a little over an hour} and we were in Montreal in no time.  After quickly going through customs, we headed to our rental car and drove north.

Since Melanie {my SIL}  had already been here, we followed her travel guidance and stayed at the Fairmont Hotel Mont Tremblant.  The convenience factor was a major plus.  A few days prior, Jeff ordered lift tickets for the group online {you can too here} and they were waiting for us at check-in.  We then signed me up for an day lesson and got my gear – skis, poles, boots, helmet – all settled.  They even have a ski valet so you don’t need to carry your skis to your room.

The room was ok, nothing exciting, but clean and doable.   A highlight was the Le Labo toiletries! {Free samples are always great, but you can also pick up some for yourself at Nordstrom or here}.

Le labo

Where to eat mont tremblantMy first poutine canadaBy the time we were all settled, it was late afternoon so we grabbed a drink, snacks and my first poutine at the hotel bar, AXE.  Later that evening, we braved the freezing weather and walked a short distance to Le Shak for a casual dinner and early night.



The crew hit the slopes!  My morning lesson began at 9:45 and lasted until 12 and the afternoon shift was from 12:45-3. I was on the bunny slopes in the morning and was feeling pretty good about myself.  With this new confidence, my instructor thought I was ready for a run on a green slope. Let’s just say, I bit off more than I could chew and after that first time down the mountain, I called it early.

Ski vacation canada

Everyone showered and reconvened back at AXE where we ordered the haloumi dish again. Then, hungry for some Italian, we walked over to Coco Pazzo.  I highly recommend this place for dinner. It was such a great meal and fun night!


The rest of my travelers woke up early to ski.  Not only did they expect weekend crowds, but it was one of the Canadian Spring Break weeks in March – so extra packed.  Knowing my limitations, I booked a massage at the spa.  I hadn’t had one in so long since I’ve opted for facials and figured I may need one after my skiing. This one was absolute heaven.

Pool Fairmont mont Tremblant

mont tremblant ski trip

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I met the rest of my party for lunch at La Diable, a casual microbrewery full of people grabbing burgers and poutine before returning to ski.  We decided to head to the pool instead.  And here is another first – my first time in pool while wearing a winter hat!  Yes, the pools are heated and everyone is outside in below freezing weather.  If that scares you, don’t worry, there is also an indoor pool.

For our last night, we had a lovely meal at the upstairs of La Forge. The ambiance was very Game of Thrones and medieval, with fire blazing high in the kitchen, various cuts of steak arriving at tables and castle-like decor.

La forge mont tremblant

Where to eat mount Tremblant



Since I had never been to the city proper, we left early and drove to Montreal.  We had limited time to explore, but I wanted to check out what I could.  Given the 10 degree weather couples with the fact that most shops don’t open until 11, we didn’t last long and headed to the airport.



This was such a fantastic and memorable trip that I am certain we will be back.  Next time, I want to bring my kids.  There were so many families and so much to do for everyone that I know we would all enjoy it.  At night, families were tubing  and rolling down the hill of the bunny slopes.  And if you have fur babies, they are welcome too! There are certain floors that are pet friendly.  I saw the cutest German Shorthaired Pointer in the lobby!

Mont Tremblant village

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Have you been to Mont Tremblant?  How did you like it and what did you do?  Also, we’re still brainstorming a ski trip for next year.  Let me know your favorite places!


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  • Looks like an awesome trip. I have always wanted to visit Mt Tremblant. Besides the amazing skiing you got access to five star dining just down the road. A perfect combination.
    • Yes! I hope you get to check it out sometime.