June 26, 2020

Lake Vacation Outfits

Fourth of July lake vacation outfit

We’ve been at the lake for a while now and it’s hard to think about going back to city life. The kids are really thriving here and enjoying their days outdoors. Even Tucker is turning into a lake dog! I recently shared my Lake Vacation Packing List, but also thought it would be helpful to share a few Lake Vacation Outfits to really show you what I’m wearing here.

Like I said in the previous post, it’s super casual, low-key and comfortable here.  Every outfit should be easy breezy. Think something that goes well with a cute pair of sandals or flip flops.  Also, I really have a thing for wearing Red, White, and Blue this time of year! It just seems like the perfect color palette for the season and of course you need it for Fourth of July. 

OK, friends. Here is a fun roundup of my lake vacation outfits. I hope they give you a little inspiration for your summer looks.

Lake Vacation Outfits

Lake vacation style, outfits to wears at the lake

Day Looks at the Lake

Every lake vacation outfit should be an easy thrown together look. Pick pieces made with breathable, lightweight materials. It gets hot at the lake and some cottages and cabins don’t have air conditioning. A simple short sleeve top, linen shorts, sandals and sunglasses is classic.

Wearing: Swiss dot top {old but similar here}, linen shorts


Sunset dinner parties on the lake, lake vacation outfits

Sunset Dinner Parties

Jeff has a big family so a gathering of 10+ people for dinner is pretty common. While some night’s it’s just walking up from the dock in your swimsuit, other times it’s really great to get a little more dressed up.    It’s really the only time I wear makeup! Cocktail hour with a simple jersey knit midi dress is exactly what you need. This dress is old, so rounding up a cute dress options below.

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Lake vacation outfits

Mommy and me matching swimsuits, lake Anna Virginia
Boat Rides

Grab your swimsuit and get on the boat! If you plan on jumping into the lake, I recommend a one piece that will hold you in. But if you’re having a fun day with some adult beverages, your favorite suit would do. So pack a sporty suit and a cute suit in your bag.

Wearing: Red bikini; polka dot one piece 


Brunch look for a lake vacation

Brunch + BBQ Outfits

Mimosas anyone? If you’re heading to a party or gathering, keep that effortless style going with a simple dress. Keeping with my red, white and blue theme, I love striped dresses for summer. This midi dress is old from Target, but click below for a few recent ones.

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Cozy days at the lake, lake vacation outfits, what to wear to a lake vacation

Cozy Cottage Days

Somedays, especially on rainy days, it’s nice to just chill indoors. Grab your favorite board game or book and just enjoy the downtime. I love this puff sleeve sweatshirt. It’s the perfect combo for summer.

Wearing: Puff sleeve sweatshirt, drapy shorts

Lake Workouts

You definitely need some workout clothes at the lake. If you’re a runner, try doing a loop around the perimeter. I would bring an old pair of sneakers that you don’t mind getting dirty. The hills are a little too much for me so I bring along a set of hand weights and do barre classes on the porch. This year, since I’m training for my barre instructor certificate, I was practicing my routine! I just ordered a pair of biker shorts to bring with me next time.

Also, there are so many ways to exercise at the lake. You could go for a hike, kayak, paddle board, swim, and canoe! So whatever your workout of choice is, be sure to bring the right gear.

Fourth of July lake vacation outfit

Transitional Outfits

Somedays, you just don’t know where the day will take you. You may want to be in a swimsuit all day, but want to grab a drink at a local spot. Having an outfit that can prepare you for swimming, give enough coverage to meet up with friends, and keep you warm when it gets a little chilly is a tricky thing to pull off.

Here’s one that works for me: a swimsuit, pair of shorts and a button down shirt.  A one piece and denim cut off shorts is another favorite! Check out my look in this post.

Wearing: red bikini, gingham button down, linen shorts

Lake Vacation Accessories

Lastly, there are a few accessories that will really make your lake vacation. Here are a few favorites of mine:

Sunglasses: Don’t purchases expensive sunglasses for the lake. I love these sunglasses from Amazon and they’re only $15.

Flip Flops: Grab a pair from Old Navy or I recommend Havianans.

Sandals: With me I have this white and nude pair from Soludos, and a few Steve Madden sandals.

Hat: I usually bring a baseball cap for hikes/workouts and a straw hat for boat rides.

Earrings: For the most part I wear these studs that I picked up from Amazon. I’ll also bring one hoop or statement pair to dress up an outfit.

Straw bag : I bought this bag from Target at the beginning on the season and load it up before heading on a boat ride. What’s inside? Snacks, sunscreen, lipgloss, hair ties, my phone, a beach towel, and a water bottle.

We’ll be at the lake for a good chunk of the summer. I’ll keep sharing my favorite looks!



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