January 5, 2020

Life Lately: Getting Organized

Life lately getting organized. Weekend brunch outfit. Winter style. Getting my home organized.

Life lately getting organized. Weekend brunch outfit. Winter style. Getting my home organized. And just like that, it’s 2020. The past few weeks have been filled with lots of fun and celebrations and now I’m ready to level set. Usually by this time I’ve already written out an extensive goals and resolutions list.  But that has not been done for this decade {yet!}.  Instead, my focus is to head into the New Year with a clean slate.  I have spent the last week or so, well, simply getting organized.

I am by no means a neat freak.   But I do like feeling a sense of calm around me.  Lately, in the haste to check the boxes before Christmas it has just been about the appearance of order. Like shoving every piece of mail we get into a drawer, or gathering extra things and placing them on the stairs to the basement.  ( I now know the exact steps to keep out of every day view). It’s the cleanliness level you try to achieve when you find out someone is going to stop by your house in 20 minutes and you don’t want to look like a tornado has touched down in your living room.

Anyway, you get the point. It was time to tackle this mess.  Plus, it’s hard to write a blog post with 3 hours of laundry folding behind you and you haven’t been able to find a matching sock for days.  So, here’s what I accomplished.


The first thing I needed to do was organize the storage in our basement.  We have Elfa Storage shelving down there which helps to stack and easily see things. We tend to throw everything from school pictures, seasonal decorations, extra household items and just miscellaneous crap.  I’m pretty good at purging items and love to get in my Marie Kondo zone, so this is actually fun for me.  And it proved to be quite a workout!  Since our Christmas decorations also live here most of the year, this meant adding to the punch list:  take down the decorations.   Sad to see the tree and garland go so soon, but it was for the best.

My next big project was the pantry, where we also have Elfa Storage shelving .  This wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t as organized as I like.  I wanted to keep the kids snacks together, canned goods grouped, and just do a better job of categorizing. I have a few wire milk crates and wicker baskets in place already but the loose items were all over.   This dovetailed into moving some items around in the kitchen cabinets as well.  The best outcome of this was making items more accessible to the kids.   Hopefully, this will end countertop climbing and encourage independence {I’ll let you know how that goal goes}.

With most of the first floor in a good place, it was time to organize my beauty products. My original setup included two vanity organizers from Target plus almost three drawers filled with random items like samples and Sephora VIB items.  For the counter top,  I actually added this 9 compartment vanity organizer  and gave one of the smaller ones to Jeff’s side of the sink.  Then I cleaned out the drawers. I tossed out some old items that were leaking or beyond thier expiration date.  I now I have a new little basket filled with items I want to use up before the year.

Beauty organizer. Getting organized. Bathroom organization. Vanity organized

 If you’re ready to  tackle home organization this year, I encourage your to start your list today.  I’ve seen some handy New Year’s Home Organizational Challenges like the A Bowl Full of Lemons list, that can help you get started as well. Anyway you do it, you sure will feel better afterwards!  Then you can grab a mimosa and celebrate all your hard work.

Now with a clear mind, time to get those goals in order. I just read my last year’s post on reflections and visions for the new year and will share 2020 goals next week.  So stay tuned, friends.

Here’s to a clean 2020!

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