May 21, 2019

What You Need for a Safe, Easy + Fun Summer

staying safe in the sun. safe sunscreen. best sunscreen for the family. reef-safe sunscreen. SPF you needSummer unofficially kicks off in less than two weeks, but who’s counting? With these recent 80 degree days and the sun setting after 8 PM, it already feels like it’s here.

School ends in literally a month, so I am trying to wrap up my projects and settle into summer mode.  Before I start breaking out the shorts and wearing a swimsuit regularly,  here’s how I’m gearing up for a safe, easy, and fun summer….


Did you see the recent headlines on sunscreen?  A recent study found that the chemicals in sunscreen seep into the bloodstream at levels that exceed the FDA’s recommended threshold.  While it’s great that we’re all applying more sunscreen to protect ourselves from the sun, the products we are using to do so may not be the safest.

The biggest ingredient to avoid is oxybenzone, which may cause health issues and was recently banned in Hawaii and Key West, Florida because it may cause coral bleaching.  It is commonly found in chemical sunscreens. I won’t name names, but chances are they are the first thing you see when walking into a CVS.

Mineral sunscreens, like Beautycounter’s Countersun lotion sits on top of the skin and as you can guess, doesn’t contain the questionable stuff.  The mist even goes a step further with an environmentally friendly spray – it’s air powered and does not contain propellant chemicals.

Just remember… the biggest takeaway is that sunscreen is important!! Other ways to play it safe:


With lots of time outdoors, I skip the full beauty routines in the summertime.  I just want to get out the door with no fuss.  So I keep it simple:

  • Dew Skin.  Moisturizer, coverage, SPF 20 – DONE!  If you’re looking for a little more,  but still want to keep your look simple, it’s now part of the Flawless in Five. {that’s 6 products that get you out the door in 5 minutes}.
  • Air Dry.  I don’t want more heat blowing on my face or damaging my hair. Lately, I’ve been using this leave in conditioner from Target to help.
  • Wash Your Face.  I may not being doing a multi-step skincare routine at night, but washing my face after a sweaty day is a must.  The travel size cleansing balm removes all the impurities that sweat leaves behind, removes whatever makeup your wearing, and can even be used for an overnight mask.  For those super lazy days, the wipes come in handy!


Bare face, white tee, and a pop of color.  Adding just a swipe of a red lip gloss like Poppy Shimmer , or a fun pink like Garden Party  {which I rocked at my last wedding} is a super easy way to look pulled together without any effort.

I’ll leave with this funny clip of Amy Schumer talking about Beautycounter and #shinyclavicles.

Let me know if you need any product recommendations or any help!


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