January 15, 2018

Rose Quartz + Positive Vibes

Rose quartz facial roller

How is everyone’s January going?  I know this month can be rough.  The hangover of the holidays is still looming, your last month’s credit card bill is about to arrive and the weather is bleh at best.  Sometimes, its hard to keep an uplifting mood.

For a long time, this used to be my least favorite time of year.  A few bad events have happened to me in January.   So when the new year arrived, I would tell myself:  “This is always a bad month for you, you just need to get through it”.  But as I’ve learned in the last few months of positive thinking, your thoughts lead to actions, which lead to results, which lead to habits.  A habit that I want to break.  You can’t predetermine a month as “bad”.  So with that, I no longer have that mindset.

This is an amazing world, but yes, not-so-nice things happen.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming and out of our control.  But there are little things you can do everyday that will help:  Be positive.  Stay positive.  And love yourself.

Seriously, when was the last time you did something nice just for you?   We all need a little self-care, no matter how small.  And those small things are the drop in the positive ocean that ripples through the universe.


Now, I promised I would not become a crazy crystal lady.  But I did make a recent purchase:  a rose quartz facial roller.  You make think I’m a little nutty, but hear me out.

Rose Quartz is the stone associated with self-love, inner healing,  and feelings of peace.  Nice, right?  Additionally, it is said to sooth anxiety, ease tension and combat stress.

While some people hold or carry crystals with them {like Adele, Kate Hudson, my mom, Victoria Beckham to name a few}, probably the biggest name to jump on board is Kim K.  Her fragrance was inspired by rose quartz which she received as a gift after her Paris robbery.  If you can come into a positive mind after something like that, maybe these rocks have something going for them.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Rose quartz facial roller

I choose the facial roller form because I really like the combination of crystal and lymphatic massage.  I mentioned enjoying the lymphatic massage I received during my organic facial.  Incorporating lymphatic massage is a great and easy way to amplify your skincare routine.

Rose quartz is naturally cold, but you can increase the skin care benefits if you keep it in the fridge and use it extra cold {like MUA Khira does with her serums}.

Before you dive into applying your products, roll the quartz around your face a few times to help eliminate toxins, improve circulation and reduce puffiness.

Now, rose quartz gets a lot of love, but other crystals provide great healing benefits as well.  Here are some beauty brands tapping into the love.



Kora Organics is probably the biggest rose quartz cheerleader.  Miranda Kerr, who founded the brand, carries crystals in her purse and place them all over her house.  She loves them so much that she filters all her skin care products through rose quartz “to give the vibration of self-love.” Kora’s blog is called Light & Love.  More on her Philosphy here.


Glossier Haloscope highlighter has an outer halo infused with genuine crystal extracts. Just a little light and love on your face.


Colourpop Amber crystal collection is infused with real, crushed amber, which is said to help with anxiety.



Rose quartz facial roller

Lastly, Rose Quartz Facial rollers.  I ordered mine on Amazon for under $12 {link here}.  Herbivore is also selling one for $45.


Sending positive thoughts your way!!!

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