February 2, 2024

Swiftie Valentine Gifts for the Taylor Swift Lover in your life

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For the Swiftie in your life, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about candy and carnations you thought were roses. It’s an opportunity to celebrate their love for all things Taylor, from her iconic lyrics to her ever-evolving eras. Whether your special someone is a “Fearless” friend, a “Red”-blooded partner, or a “Folklore” fanatic, here are some gift ideas that’ll have them dancing ’til dawn.

Swiftie Valentine Gifts

For the Lyric Lover

Taylor Swift Valentine's Day gifts for the Swiftie in your life Taylor Swift lyrics posters

Framed lyric art

Choose their favorite song or a meaningful quote, and get it artfully displayed. These digital download prints feature a candy heart inspired look with your favorite Taylor lyrics like At Every Table I’ll Save You A Seat, Forever & Always, Say You Fancy Me Not Fancy Stuff and more!

More Ideas:

  • Personalized songbook: Fill a blank notebook with handwritten lyrics, memories, and inside jokes related to your shared love for Taylor.
  • Custom phone case: Websites like Casetify allow you to design a phone case featuring their favorite album cover, lyrics, or even a photo of you two at a concert.


For the Fashion Fanatic:


champagne problems taylor swift candle gift for swifties subtle swift home decor

For the Homebody Swiftie:

  • Scented candles inspired by album themes: From the Salt Air + Rust On Your Door candle, the Eras Tour Keepsake Candle featuring the surprise songs from your memorable tour date, or even a fun rep inspired candle for your End Game, candles are a great gift!
  • Taylor Swift pillows: Decorate your room with these subtle swift pillows.  No matter what your style:  maximalist, old money aesthetic, grandmillenial, or any home vibe!
  • Cozy “Folklore” blanket: Put this woodsy folklore blanket on and say ‘you’re my favorite’.  Soft and cozy for quiet nights in with your cats or someone you don’t want like a best friend.


For the Tech-Savvy Swiftie:

  • Subscription to Taylor Swift Official Store: Gift them exclusive access to merch, early access to concert tickets, and behind-the-scenes content.
  • Wireless earbuds or headphones: Let them blast their favorite Taylor tunes in style and comfort. Consider limited-edition Taylor Swift collaborations with companies like Sony or JBL.
  • Record player: If they collect vinyl, a vintage inspired record player allows them to enjoy their Taylor Swift album collection anywhere.

Bonus Ideas:

  • Concert tickets: Nothing says “I love you” like snagging them tickets to the next Taylor Swift tour (if you can!).
  • Donation to a cause Taylor supports: Show your love for both Taylor and something she cares about by making a donation in their name. This includes your local library, food banks, public schools, and animal shelters to name a few.
  • Create a personalized playlist: Compile a mix of their favorite Taylor songs and heartfelt messages, adding a special touch to Valentine’s Day.
  • Workout together:  Try a fun Taylor Swift pilates class or workout to your favorite song together!


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Remember, the most important thing is to choose a gift that shows you understand and appreciate their love for Taylor Swift. So put on some tunes, get creative, and have fun making your Swiftie’s Valentine’s Day unforgettable!

Share below your favorite Taylor Swift ‘love lyric’ below!!

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