February 1, 2024

Embracing the Nancy Meyers Home Aesthetic

Nancy Meyers Home Aesthetic styling a book shelf with ginger jars getting that old money home vibe

For the past few years, I have been going for a very clean but traditional home vibe.  Recently, we inherited a few pieces from my in laws that somehow awoke this part of me to give our homes a more lived in feeling.  I am in no way a maximalist or want to be one, but I feel we can use a little more “lived in look”.

Additionally, as we have started from scratch decorating our Eastern Shore home, it took quite some time just to get the basics:  beds, sofas, kitchen tables.  I began going to the Goodwill store in Easton Maryland and have found so many amazing items that it has inspired me to really embrace the Nancy Meyers Home Aesthetic.

From the sun-drenched Hamptons kitchen in “Something’s Gotta Give” to the cozy English cottage in “The Holiday,” Nancy Meyers’ films have become synonymous with a specific kind of aspirational home design. Often dubbed the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic, it’s more than just white slipcovers and blue and white stripes. It’s a feeling, a way of life captured in meticulously curated frames. So, what exactly makes a Nancy Meyers home, and how can you bring a touch of that magic into your own space?

Stepping into a Dream: The Enduring Allure of the Nancy Meyers Home Aesthetic

The Hallmarks of Homeyness:

  • A Foundation of Neutrals: White walls and warm beiges provide a calming backdrop, allowing pops of color and texture to shine. Think woven baskets, linen slipcovers, and natural wood accents.
  • Light & Airy: Large windows bathe the rooms in sunlight, creating a sense of openness and connection to the outdoors. White sheer curtains flutter gently in a non-existent breeze.
  • Pops of Coastal Charm: Blue and white stripes make their frequent appearances, often on pillows, rugs, or tableware. Seashells, nautical touches, and fresh flowers add a touch of whimsy.
  • Lived-in Comfort: The spaces aren’t museum-perfect, but rather, inviting and well-loved. Books are stacked on side tables, throw blankets are casually draped, and a vase overflowing with seasonal blooms sits on the kitchen counter.
  • Attention to Detail: Every element, from the antique picture frames to the woven baskets, is carefully chosen and tells a story. There’s a sense of personal curation and intentionality behind each piece.


Bringing the Dream Home:

While replicating a movie set might not be feasible, you can capture the essence of the Nancy Meyers aesthetic with thoughtful touches:

  • Embrace light and air: Maximize natural light with sheer curtains and open windows. Consider adding skylights or mirrors to amplify the brightness.
  • Neutrals with a twist: Opt for warm whites and beiges as your base, then add pops of color through artwork, throw pillows, or accent furniture. Here are my favorite home paint colors.
  • Cozy textures: Linen, wicker, and wood add warmth and dimension to your space. Invest in a chunky knit throw blanket or layer woven rugs for a tactile experience.
  • Fresh florals: Keep vases filled with seasonal blooms for a touch of life and color. Think hydrangeas in summer, peonies in spring, or eucalyptus branches year-round.
  • Personal touches: Display collections, travel souvenirs, or artwork that reflects your personality. Let your home tell your story.




Remember, the Nancy Meyers aesthetic is more about feeling than achieving a specific look. It’s about creating a space that feels inviting, comfortable, and full of life. So, open the windows, light a candle, and let the sunshine in. Your own personal dream home awaits.

Do you have a favorite Nancy Meyers movie home? Share your thoughts and design tips in the comments below!

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