July 13, 2019

Why Clean Beauty Matters

why clean beauty matters. nontoxic personal care products. Choosing safer beauty products.

why clean beauty matters. nontoxic personal care products. Choosing safer beauty products.


As someone who has been in the beauty world for quite some time, beauty is a subject near and dear to me.  When I was working in the corporate environment for over ten years I learned a lot about makeup.  Launching products, production processes, different textures and finishes.  But I have to say, that over the last two years I’ve learned more about ingredients and the personal impact of the products we use everyday than I could have ever imagined.

These days, many of us are so inquisitive and want know more than the face value of things. We have a healthy skepticism of what we put on and in our bodies. That’s where my clean beauty journey began.  As a mom, I started questioning what products I was putting on my kids, reading food labels, and trying to make overall healthy choices for them. I’m not a doctor, someone with a medical degree, or even an environmental scientist. Just a regular consumer who started learning more about what was important to me.  After years of of this extra scrutiny for them,  it dawned on me that I should consider my cosmetics with the same lens!

What Caught My Attention

When I learned that the personal care industry is basically regulated by a sheet of paper that was created in 1938, that was a little alarming.  I don’t have a big grasp on legislation, but those stats don’t seem right. How can all the products we use on a daily basis have such little oversight?  You may think that you don’t use that many products, but I bet even the simplest routine comes into contact with at least 8 products per day.  We’re talking toothpaste, shampoo, soap, sunscreen, hand soap, nail polish, body lotion, deodorant, mascara, lipstick, shaving cream, etc.  For these products and more, it is up to the brands that make them to make them safe and up to consumer’s standards.

Additionally, the European Union bans about 1,400 questionable ingredients from personal care products and Canada bans about 600.  Here, in the USA, that number is 11. That just seems like a huge disconnect for me.

A Few More Takeaways

Fragrance isn’t an ingredient.  It’s actually a proprietary mix of many, many things.  The finer details do not have be disclosed and may contain phthalates which help the scent stick to your skin, among other ingredients. Also, just because there is a strawberry on the bottle or the display does not guarantee your product contains even a trace of berry.  So the next time you see fragrance on your skincare, makeup, or kid’s body wash, mentally replace the word fragrance with ‘hot dog’ and see how comfortable you feel.

Known carcinogens are allowed in products.  I think the best example that comes to mind is Johnson & Johnson No More Tears Baby shampoo.  Yes, everyone was outraged that formaldehyde was in thier baby’s shampoo, but it was and still is completely legal to formulate with it.  The company made the decision to listen to consumers to update the formula and the marketing team went to work on calling out Formaldehyde Free on it’s packaging.  There is no recourse for the government to recall a harmful product like a e coli breakout in romaine lettuce. It’s completely up to consumers to use the power of thier wallets to ensure products are safe and up to thier standards.

why clean beauty matters. nontoxic personal care products. Choosing safer beauty products. Beautycounter lipstick



Clean Beauty is a little like the wild west these days.  There is not one definition of “clean”.  Some companies such as goop and Sephora have created thier own standards.  Many of the no’s on the list of ingredients are parabens, phthalates, oxybenzone and chemical sunscreens, formaldehyde, to name a few. While I cannot clearly define the category and know that natural isn’t always effective and synthetic is not always harmful, here is my approach.

  1. Choose Brands with a Commitment to Safer Ingredients.  If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that I am proud Beautycounter consultant.  What I love about the Beautycounter brand is the education pillar of it’s cause.  The brand intentially bans over 1,500 questionable ingredients from it’s products and advocates for an update of the personal care safety act {which many other non-clean beauty brands are in support of as well}.  Other brands I love include Indie Lee, Farmacy, Osea Malibu, Love Beauty + Planet, Herbivore, Ursa Major, and Biossance.
  2. Read Labels Like You Read Food Labels.  I check for added sugar or high fructose corn syrup in my food and use that approach for my beauty products.  I don’t want extra fillers – just give me the good stuff! If I’m going to spend a lot of money on a product like La Mer, I don’t want petroleum as an ingredient.
  3. Don’t Live in Fear.  I know that a lot of this can sound like fear mongering.  Beauty shouldn’t be about thinking you’re slowly killing yourself with every makeup application. You should enjoy it!  I genuinely like the look, effect, and results from the products I use.  I’m not going to continue to use something that doesn’t serve me well.  For me, it’s just a win-win of using a product that I can feel good about AND works for me.
  4. It’s Not All or Nothing. When I was in 7th grade, I learned that some companies tested on animals.  So I went home and threw out almost everything in our bathroom from brands on the bad list. I did not take that approach with clean beauty.  I slowly started replacing items and finding new and better options for me.  Even today, I still use a few products that wouldn’t be considered clean.  I’m not looking to be perfect or go off the deep end.  Just doing what feels right for me.
  5. Pick Products You Feel Good About. What I like about Beautycounter is that they are always impressing me by aligning with things that important to me.  They are a B-Corp, which that meets the highest standards of using it’s business for good {like Patagonia and Warby Parker}. They are also cruelty-free, show diversity in thier models, are improving thier packaging to be more sustainable, donate products to women undergoing cancer treatments. Supporting positive impact makes me feel good about each and every purchase.


OK, now for the fun part!  I can’t go on and on about why clean beauty matters and now share my current favorites.  First, if you would like my clean beauty checklist, you can get it here.  Now, let’s get to the amazing products in my beauty routine..


I’m starting with skincare because it really is the number one thing you need to look your best.  You can paint on all the makeup in the world, but if you’re canvas isn’t great, the end result will not be good.  Since I’m over thirty, {almost 40 if I’m being honest}, my skincare has become more and more important.

Morning Routine:

When I wake up in the morning I splash cold water on my face. I do not wash my face with a cleanser.  While keeping your face clean is necessary, going overboard and striping your skin’s natural barrier is damaging.  Then I start with my products and sometimes use a rose quartz roller, especially if I feel puffy.

Biossance Phyto-Retinol Serum

Since I really need the effects of retinol, but this ingredient is on the no-list and banned in several countries, I love the natural retinol, bakuchiol.  It’s super lightweight and perfect for daytime use.

Indie Lee Toner

I spray just a little of this and pat my face before makeup application.  A little goes a long way!

Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream:

I like to gently pat this under my eye with my fourth finger, slowly moving up towards the temples.

Countermatch Moisturizing Lotion:

Not only have I been using this in the morning, but reapplying through the day as my skin starts to feel tight or too dry from being outside all day.  It’s super easy to throw into a purse and carry anywhere!

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer:

I’m including this in the skincare category since it contains my SPF.  Over the summer, I usually skip the above steps and call it a day with this product.

Countertime Collection:

This is the newest addition to my skincare routine!! Now that I’m older, I need a little more bukachoil and anti-aging ingredients. This regimen is a beautiful collection that is ready to rival the likes of La Mer {without the petroleum ingredients or price tag}. The packaging is highly sustainable which makes it beautiful to display on your bathroom sink, but not made for portability.  My plan is to make this my main skincare line for the next few weeks and use the others for touch ups.

why clean beauty matters. nontoxic personal care products. Choosing safer beauty products. Beautycounter countertime collection. anti aging products. bakuchiol

Night Time Routine

At night I always wash my face.  If on those most tiresome nights, I grab a facial wipe.  I also love sleeping on my silk pillowcase, which is more gentler on your skin and hair.

Indie Lee Cleanser

I like to switch up my cleansers and hardly use the same one every night.  This one is great for getting your skin really clean and the smell is heavenly!

Cleansing Balm

One of my favorites, this takes off mascara and cleans your skin in one step.

Facial Oils

I go between a brightening facial oil and a plumping.  I also like the Indie Lee Squalane facial oil.  I really have no rhyme or reason on which one I select, just go with the flow.  I like to use oils to lock in moisture over all those hours at night.

Overnight Resurfacing Peel

I use this resurfacing peel 2 times a week.  I like to also put it on my neck, chest, and hands as well. I love feeling that tingle knowing that the dead cells are being removed.

Drunk Elephant Baby Facial

I usually swap this in once a month. I used to use it once a week, but the waiting 20 minutes is sometimes just not in the cards.



why clean beauty matters. nontoxic personal care products. Choosing safer beauty products. Beautycounter lipstick. Eye shadow palette. Makeup collection. Makeup favorites.

I don’t take very long with my makeup and try to keep a 5 minute routine.  I feel that as my skin has gotten better, I can be less concerned about my makeup.  I mentioned Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer in my skincare routine and that is really my go-to every day look.  After that, I build.

Tint Skin

The middle of my face is a little red and sometimes I don’t get all the sleep I want.  I use a flat brush to sweep this on my nose outward and upward.  I also use under my eyes and eyelids as a base.


These vary by day and mood. I use this bronzing highlighter stick on my cheek bones.  I gently brush Dune all over my fave for a little glow.  And then I use an angled brush to add this duo to the hollows of my cheeks.  Sometimes I use all three!

Eye Shadow

I use both the Classic and Romantic eye shadow palette.  I’ve had for a very long time and the shades work for everything from daytime to wedding glam.


Sheer lipstick in Rose.  Color Intense Lipstick shades Brunch, Girls Night Out, Garden Party, and Little Black Dress.  Also Bite Beauty Honeycomb is a fav.


My everyday is Bare Shimmer.  I also like Popp


This is my everyday mascara. It’s great if you have sensitive eyes. Also, traditional mascara has a lot of questionable items in it.  I have been able to build for more volume but sometimes resort to a my favorite nonclean brand.

Eye Liner

While I generally like a retractable eye liner, this one is really nice.  I have the brown and it stays on really well.

Brow Products

I have been using this brown gel and it is super fun and easy to give my brows a boost.



I use the Countersun Mineral Lotion and mist.  the sunbum one is around and I actually picked up a mineral version from Target to try out.

Aftersun Cooling Gel

This has been my favorite product for summer.  The smell is heavenly and it moisturizes my skin after a long day at the pool.

Body Scrub

This is a staple in my shower.

Body Wash

I have really been loving my clean beauty finds from Target.  I have a few Love Beauty Planet body washes and they are great and super affordable.


I play around with my shampoo and conditioner and right now have been using Love Beauty Planet from Target.  My hair gets fried in the sun and need R + Co High Dive  I also like thier Rodeo Star Mousse on occasion.

Glow Shimmer Body Oil

In the winter months, I use this to give my legs a little life.  In the summer, once I have a little sunkissed glow, this is the perfect shimmer.

Body Lotion

I keep this at my desk and hydrate during the day.

Kids Products

I like the body wash, shampoo, and conditioner for my kids.


Well, I hope that this post was informative and helpful.  If you have any questions about the products included in this post and want to learn more, leave a comment below or send me an email! I would love to hear from you and help you in your clean beauty journey.


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