September 24, 2020

Best Clean Lipstick

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You probably have heard the term ‘clean beauty’ a few times at this point. And if you’ve been hanging around the FBM pages, I’ve talked about it in many posts. While there are many interpretations of what clean means to each brand, having non-toxic or potentially harmful ingredients is pretty standard. So when you have a beauty product that you use everyday, typically apply a few times, and goes right on your mouth, you really want that item to fit the clean standards. Which is why today I’m talking about clean lipstick.

I’ve heard this stat a million times and it still grosses me out. We eat anywhere from 4-9 lbs of lipstick per year. So if you’re diligently buying organic avocados and checking every food label but not putting your lip products through the same lense, there is a disconnect. You are basically eating your lipstick and processing it the same as your food.

Another important factor is the thinness of your lip’s skin. It’s more delicate than the rest of your body and can absorb chemicals faster. Which means when you apply something to your lips, those ingredients head in your body pretty quickly. So you need to treat your pout with extra love and care.

Best Clean Lipstick

One of the common harmful ingredients in lipstick (and lipglosses) is lead. Crazy I know, but it’s in there. And while there have been regulation inroads to ensure you don’t use lead based paint, there is no law that says cosmetic manufacturers can’t formulate with lead. Other bad for you ingredients include parabens, phthalates, and heavy metals.

I know this post is starting sound daunting. But have no fear! Clean beauty is here to swoop in to the rescue with amazing formulas and beautiful shades that you can feel good about with every swipe. Here’s a roundup of a few of my favorites.

Best clean lipstick, beauty counter sheer lipstick review, best non toxic lipstick, nude lipstick shades

This was tough to narrow down my absolute favorite. I am a lipstick lover! I always have a few in my bag or purse and collect lots of shades.

Beautycounter just updated their sheer lipstick line up. I was a big fan of the original, but they have made it even better which is why it rose so quickly to the top. Plus, it honestly is the lipstick I’m constantly swiping on before going out the door. Even with a mask on, ha! Here’s why….

Beautycounter lipsticks, the clean beauty products you should be using, non toxic lipstick shades, finding beauty mom lipstick favorites

Natural ingredients

For this new launch, the lipsticks contain plant based waxes to hydrate your lips. These jojoba esters transform into a balmy texture and give that perfect sheen on your lips. So it’s like a hybrid of a lipstick and a lip balm.

Lightweight feel

I love an easy swipe. Yes, a mirror is extremely helpful when applying lip color, but don’t you just love that ease of gliding your favorite lipstick across your lips without much fuss?

sustainably source vanilla

Beautycounter always takes it the extra mile with sustainably and ensuring the supply chain is ethical.  This light sweet scent  is ECOCERT-certified organic vanilla from Madagascar supplied by producers who are committed to improving the quality of life for their community of farmers.

Finding beauty mom makeup reviews, beautycounter sheer genius lipstick, best non toxic lipstick

the perfect nude shades

The shades I own, Petal and Terra, are the perfect nude shades  for my skin tone. Sure, I like a bright color every now and then, but I feel most like myself with just a touch of color on my lips. These are the shades you use every day without even thinking about it. Consider them your lip uniform.

Beautycounter lipstick shade petal, the best nude lip colors, non toxic beauty products, finding beauty mom lipstick favorites

wearing petal above and terra below. While they are both pretty similar, petal has more pink and terra will give you a subtle earth brown tint.
Beautycounter sheer genius lipstick in shade terra, best nude lip colors

Beautycounter sheer genius conditioning lipstick comes in 10 shades from clear to deep browns. Available at Beautycounter for $32. {ps, save 10% on your first purchase. Details in the site}.

The best non toxic lipsticks

Like I said, I use lots of different clean lipsticks. A girl needs her options!

non toxic lipsticks

RMS Beauty Tinted Daily Lip Balm

RMS beauty is a great brand overall. I have been using their lip 2cheek product for years. But my favorite lip form is a stick. This is one of my bolder shades, Peacock Lane, it’s a pretty bright pink. $20

Honest Beauty Lip Crayon

I love a good lip crayon. They are just so fun. I picked up this Honest Lip Crayon in the shade Sheer Blossom – a nice peachy nude. It has a pretty satin finish.  $13

W3ll People lipstick

It’s always nice to have different finishes in your lip collection. This W3ll people lipstick is a semi matte. Keeping with my busy, subtle shades, this one is called Optimist. $17

non toxic lipsticks

During the holiday season, my favorite red shade to wear is Bite Beauty lipstick in Cayenne. It is a bright red that just screams Christmas! I also have the Bite Beauty Power Move Matte Lip Crayon in the shade Glace. It’s a great fall shade!

I also own this Rituelle De Fille lip stain that I picked from a local clean beauty store here in DC, Ivy Wild Beauty. They have a wide tangle of natural lipsticks and clean products from brands like Kosas, Saint Jane, TMF, and Vapour Beauty.

When I was working at bluemercury ‘s headquarters, Kjaer Weis was and still is a popular clean beauty brand. What’s so great about their lip products is that they provide refills! So you can purchase the lipstick or the lip tint and the package, keep the packing, then refill your shade.

I hope you found a great non-toxic, clean lipstick! Hopefully all brands take this clean approach. Using natural and safe ingredients has the staying power to change your overall health in the long run!




Clean lipstick favorites, best clean lipstick shades, why you need non toxic lipstick, finding beauty mom makeup reviews


Natural makeup looks with clean lipstick, best nude lip colors, finding beauty mom lipstick shades to wear
Best clean lipstick, beauty counter sheer lipstick review, best non toxic lipstick, nude lipstick shades


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