April 16, 2020

Budget Friendly Basement Makeover

Basement makeover, basement decor on a budget, small space decor

Basement makeover, basement decor on a budget, small space decor

Who’s ready for a home improvement project? At the beginning of the year we started on our basement makeover and I’m finally getting around to share the finished look!

Before, the basement was occupied by a tenant. On Capitol Hill there are many homes that have these ‘English basements’ or sometimes they are called ‘Garden apartments’.  The lovely woman who rented ours decided she was no longer going to stay, so it was the perfect opportunity to take it over.

Our approach to this basement makeover was to make it look nice but not break the bank. While we really put in the extra effort for our living room and dining room, this area serves more of an extra space for when friends and family visit.  So when sourcing furniture, we really looked for value and budget friendly options.

Mounted TV in finished basement

Gold bookshelf style, home updates on a budget, budget friendly home decor Basement makeover, basement decor on a budget, small space decorBasement makeover, basement decor on a budget, small space decorBudget friendly basement makeover

The common area has a living room and a small kitchen area. I’ll share the details of the living area first.

We decided our Article sleeper sofa was better suited for the basement and relocated it here. The goal was to make this space a comfortable set up for when our families visit. So the more sleeping options the better! Plus the storage is great for extra bedding.

One thing that is a must for me is no wires from the TV.  {Check out my bedroom post to see}. We contemplated a media stand, but felt it would take over the eating area space and wouldn’t be centered.  Mounting the TV is always a project but definitely the cleanest look and feel for a small space.

I must admit, I’m not really a Walmart shopper but bought a few pieces and have been pleasantly surprised! This gold bookshelf was one of the first and I’ve received so many compliments on it. Plus, they have great deals on TVs to add to your space.

When it came to filling the shelves, I either took items around the house that weren’t my absolute favorites or went to places like Target and IKEA. Faux greenery gave it a more lived-in feel like this plant and this fiddle leaf tree.

Lastly, I love our photo collage above the sofa! We added some Washington, DC touches like this local bird print, an old map we found, and even framing our old license plate.

While not really decor related, we installed a google nest thermostat to easily control the temperature.  We use this in our upstairs as well and it makes things easy in this separate space.

Basement makeover, basement decor on a budget, small space decor

Set of 4 pillow covers // pillow inserts // Pantone colors of DC print // set of frames {I also used IKEA} // google nest thermostat // Article sleeper sofa // target side chair // rug //leather poof // gold bookshelf // tv wall mount // flat screen tv //  faux fiddle leaf tree // basket //

Budget friendly kitchen update

Budget friendly kitchen update, update kitchen, modern kitchen updates

Now on to the eating area! These pieces would look great if you have a small kitchen or dining room in your home.  These chairs come in a set of 4 or 6 and of course you can purchase individually.

Now with shelter in place, Jeff has been using this area as an office. I see this table as the perfect place for the kids to hang out with friends when they get older.

Kitchen updates on a budget, budget friendly dining room furniture

horse print //  glass jar //  faux cherry blossom stems // chairs // table // cowhide rug




Also as part of the basement are two guest bedrooms.  I’ll share the details of those two very soon!

If you’re planning on doing a basement makeover, I hope some of these updates helped or gave you some inspiration.

3 Tips for Updating Your finished basement

1. Shop Budget Friendly stores on sale: I’ve been really surprised with finds from places I don’t typically shop. Plus, right now many retailers are offering discounts. Some of our favorites are:

2. Repurpose items in your home: Sometimes all it takes is a second look at the things you already own. I really do not like that weird head sculpture that Jeff grabbed from Home Goods years ago. But I don’t mind it here in the basement.

3.  Ask Around: Sometimes one person’s trash is another one’s treasure! Let friends and family know you are updating your basement and you might discover a new piece. I’ve taken chairs that have been sitting in my parent’s basement and reupholstered them to fit my style.

 Happy decorating!

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