May 27, 2020

2 Guest Bedroom Ideas

Guest bedroom decor, rainbow bookshelf, DIY bedroom decor

Target home decor 2 Guest Bedroom IdeasI don’t know about you, but all this time at home has really made us want to tackle those outstanding projects and make decor updates.  I shared our basement makeover with the promise of posting the details of the bedrooms so I’m so happy to share these with you today!

2 Guest Bedroom Ideas

While we haven’t had many guests in the last few months, we love this space for when friends and family visit. It’s a great way to provide them with their own space that’s accessible to our home.

Guest Bedroom Ideas: Pop of Color

2 Guest Bedroom Ideas

Target home decor for guest bedroom
Just like the living area and kitchen in our basement, I chose budget friendly decor for the bedrooms. There are two bedrooms and we tried to make each one feel a little different. The first one I’ll call the pop of color room.

In both rooms we kept things simple with the same amazing sheets, comforter, and duvet from Amazon. If you also have a bathroom, we also love this towel set.  From there, I was inspired by all the books and Knick knacks that I had around that I thought it would be fun to create a rainbow themed bookshelf. If you’re interested in the idea, here are some tips.

Rainbow book shelf styling,

Rainbow book shelf styling,

Bookshelf styling, gold accents

Tips for a Rainbow Bookshelf

1. Gather books from around your home in various shapes and sizes. In my living room, I choose all white and neutral books for my bookshelf so for me, these were my leftover books.

2. Remove all the jackets from your books. Once you take them off, you’ll find the color inside may be different than what you expected. Taking the jacket off will give you a cleaner look and look less dusty.

3. Sort your books. Remember, you want to sort by the spine, the part that will be facing outward, not the book cover.  Sort from red to purple, lightest to darkest for an ombré look. I have to say, the purple books were hard for me to find. I had lots of red! Around Capitol Hill, there are a few Give a Book, Take a Book cabinets so I scoured them for a purple book or two. You can also do book swaps with your friends, checkout second bookshops, look on community list serves, or even garage sales.

4. Arrange on the shelf! My plan wasn’t to use just books so I filled in with pictures, vases, plants and frames. Some books I stacked horizontally, others vertically. Fill in your shelves and take a step back to see if you like it. I love this look for a kids room and children’s books should give lots of color options.

Guest Bedroom Decor: Modern Boho

2 Guest Bedroom Ideas boho chic bedroom decor2 Guest Bedroom IdeasGuest bedroom decor, boho chic bedroom decor

The second bedroom was a little more eclectic. I found this great gold bed frame from Walmart and really loved the way it looks! Again, we kept it simple and added a few pieces here and there to warm it up.

Another favorite are these lamps. Not only are they super pretty, but they also have a USB outlets to easily keep your phone charged! They look so nice on top of these white side dressers from Target.

Since these are guest rooms, we didn’t worry about filling the space with dressers. We added a few hangers in the closets and even a small IKEA dresser there as well.

I can’t wait for more visitors to enjoy these guest bedrooms. Hope these decor ideas gave you some inspiration for your extra rooms!


Guest Bedroom Decor Details: Pop of Color

Guest Bedroom Decor Details: Modern Boho



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  • These bedrooms looks amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!