February 18, 2021

Home Organization Ideas I Actually Use

Home organization that actually works, easy ways to organize your home, organizing your pantry, organizing your closet

Home organization that actually works, easy ways to organize your home, organizing your pantry, organizing your closet I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now! First, getting to this level of organization has been a goal of mine. I always like to tidy up and categorize things, but I’ve never done it like this before. Secondly, I implemented these changes right before the new year. As I’m writing this, these new systems have been in place for a few weeks now, so I can also add some real life perspective to it all.

I’m sure there are areas of your home that you are targeting for a good clean up. This was one of the best moves I made going into a new year. I felt like I had a clean slate to get all those resolutions accomplished. I’ll take you through a few of my favorites. These are the big ones that took forever but so worth it.

I started once we took the Christmas tree down. Basically, I needed to get the holiday storage area in a good place and then it was like unraveling a string. If this spot needed to be cleaned up, then where do these things go? It was definitely a ripple effect for me.

To be honest, I love little projects like this. It’s almost meditative which I mentioned in this post. While I love sharing on this blog, I also like to DO things that keep me away from my phone and social media. And that actually are helpful to me and my family’s life.

So I write this as a recommendation to make your space more of a place that gives you peace.

Home Organization Ideas

Pantry organizer, how to organize your pantry, pantry your kids will love. Home Organization ideas

How to organize your pantry, get your pantry organized this year, simple organizing ideas for your kitchen
Pantry Organization

This was driving me insane. Last year, I bought a few baskets to organize, but it didn’t go far enough. I really needed to compartmentalize the snacks that the kids reached for constantly. Especially during these pandemic days when they are here all time, this pantry needed to be way more efficient.

I picked up these clear organizers one day on a trip to Target, along with the clear containers. It’s also where I purchased the wicker baskets and wire baskets.

My approach to what to put in what and where was this: what the kids mainly eat and grab go in clear, back stock and pantry staples in other baskets. Here’s why this works for our family.

One thing that I hated was discovering empty boxes. The kids would grab the last bar from the box and I would think we were well stocked, but actually we were out. Now, when I get home from the grocery store, I fill the clear binds and have complete visibility.

For the wire baskets, I keep the extra bags of chips, pretzels and popcorn. These are my extras or for when we’re hosting and will likely use the full bag. The kids don’t really touch these anymore. They go to the clear containers and think the push up tips are fun. So now these snacks stay fresher.

I also keep nuts together and my dried fruit in wicker baskets. I could go to a whole new level and place all the nuts we consume in their respective jars but that’s too much. Or maybe next year.

My last big accomplishment was getting these wine racks from Amazon. They take assembly and aren’t the prettiest, but they fit perfectly on the bottom row of the pantry.

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Home Organization ideas, cabinet organization , cleaning out you kitchen, wellness cabinet, healthy habits

Home Organization ideas, cabinet organization , cleaning out you kitchen, wellness cabinet, healthy habits

Home Organization ideas, cabinet organization , cleaning out you kitchen, wellness cabinet, healthy habits

Spice organizer, spice rack organizer

Home Organization, baking essentials, home organizing, kitchen organizing
Cabinet organization

I shared in my stories that of all the items in my house that was driving my crazy, my kitchen cabinets were top of the list. Not all of them, but the worst offender was over my toaster oven.

I hated, hated how I had medicine next to sprinkles. Collagen next to hot chocolate. So I wanted to make this area make sense. So I divided it into a wellness cabinet and a baking cabinet.

I was also struggling with my spices for a while. We use lots of different spices so I needed easy access to many jars. I ordered these spinners from Amazon and narrowed it down to 32 highly used spices. They work and we’ve been keeping the area organized as is for weeks now so it’s definitely a win. This spinning spice rack comes with spices already, but many of them I don’t use. So I used labels for the rest of them.

One of my favorite moves was placing the cook books in the cabinet. I love when they are used in open shelving and this works for our kitchen.

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Closet organizing, neutral closet essentials, closet organizer

Closet Organization

Did I mention that these home organization projects were kicked off from a mini binge of The Home Edit on Netflix.  It is a must watch. Grab the book and get inspired!

The one area I felt very inspired by was the color coding. As I have moved to a more neutral wardrobe, I felt it was a super easy area to organize. So I did it.

Previously, I kept my clothes by category: tops, bottoms, blazers, etc. Now that still plays out but the rule now is by color and then short to long.

One thing that I love about it is that everything has a place. So you take out and wear your black jeans, and when you put them back, you know exactly where it goes!

I’m still working on the prettiness of the closet organizing. I purchased these velvet hangers {and just ordered more!} and these wooden ones.


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