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Unique Gift Ideas: Decorated Champagne Bottles

Unique Gift Ideas: Decorated Champagne Bottles

Champagne: the very word evokes celebration, luxury, and a touch of bubbly magic. But what if you could elevate this iconic beverage beyond the ordinary and into the realm of the truly unforgettable? Enter the world of decorated champagne bottles, a personalized and visually stunning way to express your appreciation for any occasion.

I started making these a few months back and it has been so fun! I’ve received a few requests to make these for friends and family, so I decided to add these to my Etsy Shop, Screw Top Rose Co,  to offer to more people.  A few caveats on that below, but  let’s chat about why these are so special.

decorated Veuve Clicquot bottles for wedding

More Than Just a Drink:

Gifting a decorated champagne bottle transcends the act of giving alcohol. It becomes a piece of art, a conversation starter, and a treasured keepsake. The recipient can savor the delicious bubbly within, then admire the bottle’s unique design as a reminder of your thoughtfulness.

While a decorated champagne bottle adds a touch of panache to any celebration, certain individuals will truly cherish this unique and personalized gift. Here’s a guide to help you find the perfect recipient.

 Decorated Champagne Bottles blue and white coastal wedding decor

painted champagne bottle bridal gift coastal bride

 “I Do”: Wedding Champagne Gifts They’ll Love

Wedding season is now a full year event and with it comes the quest for the perfect gift for the happy couple. While traditional options like cookware or gift cards are always appreciated, why not consider a gift that’s as unique and bubbly as their love story? Enter the wedding champagne gift, a personalized and celebratory way to toast their new chapter together.

Beyond the Bottle: Why It Makes a Perfect Wedding Gift:

  • A Toast to Togetherness: Sharing a bottle of champagne symbolizes celebration, joy, and the beginning of a beautiful journey together. Your gift becomes a tangible reminder of their special day and a shared experience they can cherish.
  • Personalization Powerhouse: Unlike regular champagne, a decorated bottle allows you to add a unique touch. Bring out their personality, favorite interests, and even add their special date.
  • Keepsake with a Fizz: Beyond the delicious bubbly, the decorated bottle becomes a cherished keepsake. They can display it proudly in their home, reminiscing about their wedding day with every glance.
  • Versatility is Key: Whether you’re close friends, family, or colleagues, a decorated champagne bottle caters to various budgets and styles.

Tailoring the Champagne to the Couple’s Style:

  • The Romantics: Gift a bottle adorned with flowers like magnolias or peonies.
  • The Glamorous Duo: Bling a bottle to reflect their sophisticated style. This option is great for bachlorette parties too.
  • The Coastal Couple: Say Shuck it with an oyster decorated bottle.
  • The Nature Lovers: Adorn a bottle with favorites of the outdoors.

And remember, bottles are not just for the ceremony!  They make wonderful engagement presents, bridal shower decor, luncheon events, and more!

dusty blue wedding centerpieces classic wedding vintage decor

peony wedding decor

oysters and champagne wedding unique wedding gifts for coastal brides

More gift ideas to consider

The Milestone Markers:

  • The Graduate: Celebrate their academic achievements with a bottle
  • The New Parents: Welcome their bundle of joy with a decorated bottle
  • The Retiree: Mark the end of an era with a bottle commemorating their career journey, hobbies they’ll now pursue, or a message about exciting adventures ahead.

The Passionate Pursuits:

  • The Foodie: Pair a bottle decorated with culinary motifs or their favorite food with gourmet treats for a truly delectable experience.
  • The Fashionista: Design a bottle that reflects their personal style, using their favorite colors, patterns, or even incorporating fabric swatches.
  • The Techie: Get creative with a bottle adorned with circuit boards, coding symbols, or even their favorite tech gadget illustrations.

The Sentiment Seekers:

  • The Long-Distance Friend: Send a bottle decorated with inside jokes, shared memories, or even a map highlighting your connection to express your love and longing.
  • The Supportive Colleague: Show your appreciation for their hard work and camaraderie with a bottle personalized with a team message, inside joke, or a heartfelt thank you.
  • The New Neighbor: Welcome them to the community with a bottle decorated with a friendly message, local landmarks, or even a map highlighting nearby attractions.

Beyond the Obvious:

  • For the Hostess: Surprise them with a bottle decorated with cozy elements like fireplaces, bookshelves, or their favorite home décor motifs, creating a gift that complements their haven.
  • The Animal Lover: Design a bottle featuring their beloved pet’s portrait, breed-specific elements, or even a donation message to an animal shelter in their name.
  • The Eco-Conscious: Opt for sustainable decorating techniques and pair the bottle with eco-friendly treats, showcasing your shared values.

Remember, the key lies in personalization. Consider the recipient’s personality, interests, and the occasion to create a truly unique and meaningful gift that goes beyond the bubbly itself. With a little thoughtfulness and creativity, a decorated champagne bottle can become a cherished keepsake that sparks joy and appreciation long after the last drop is savored.

magnolia centerpieces wedding decor

dusty blue wedding decor bridal shower dusty blue and green


There are a few options for orders. Please review the categories below.


For new, never opened champagne and wine bottles, only local delivery in Washington, DC and surrounding areas is available.  Proof of age over 21 required. Potential travel for up to 3 hours with additional fee.

Pricing varies with beverage selection.

Simply painted white or solid color available for guest book signature as well.

Click here for inquires.

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blinged out champagne bottle disco bottle


These can be shipped and available through my Etsy store, Screw Top Rose Co.  These are for filled bottles of non-alcoholic champagnes.

This option makes a great gift for sober and soberish friends, moms to be, baby showers, and more.  I brought one to a ladies lunch during the day and it was a hit!



There are also various decorated bottles in the shop as well, as these are able to ship.  You can find these on Etsy as well.


More champagne ideas!  Check out this previous post on  mini champagne bottle favors for my sister in laws bridal shower.

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