April 6, 2022

6 Things I Like to Do When I’m Not Feeling My Best

What to do when not feeling your best. 6 tips for a better mindset

We all have those days.  Ugh, this morning started out so gloomy it just triggered a grumpy mood.  You know those days I’m talking about.  We all have them! But you can rest assured that you are not the only one who feels a little down in the dumps every now and then.  I mean, let’s be real.  It’s not just sunshine and rainbows all the time for anyone. So in this very relatable post, I thought I would share some things I like to when I’m not feeling my best.

What to do when not feeling your best. 6 tips for a better mindset

Before I go on,  I want to level set on the types of emotions we’ll talk about.  This is about having an off day, being in a funk, or letting the doubts in your head get the best of you.  There are way more serious issues out there and if you are experiencing those heavier thoughts, getting the help you need from a professional is the best course of action.


6 Things I Like to Do When I’m Not Feeling My Best


These things are not what I always do, but definitely in my toolbox to help myself get through something I’m going through. We all need a good mood booster (a moodster?!) every now and then so maybe all or even just one of these will help you.


01 / Take a Walk with My Dog

Even when I fight this.  Even when I just want to lay on the couch and disregard my apple watch telling me it’s time to stand.  Getting out the door, taking in a good inhale of fresh air and a change of scenery, helps me feel better.  And you don’t even need a dog!  Just get out and walk.  Tell yourself you need to get something at the corner store.  Or just walk around the block.  For me, when I walk, it’s almost meditative.  My mind clears.  My thoughts get organized.  I make a quick list: When I get back, I’m going to do these 2 things and call it a day.  Granted my dog Tucker is super cute so that may have something do it with it.  But whatever it is, take some deep breaths outside while moving your body a little.


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02/  Submerge Myself in Water

Water is a major calming effect. I’m currently reading how being by, near, or around water can impact our mood for the better.  Now, you can’t just walk outside your tropical paradise mansion into an infinity pool overlooking the ocean.  But you can hop in the shower.  Or soak in a tub.  Just let the water wash over you.  Take in the steam.  Pamper yourself in that moment with whatever bath or body  products or rituals you may have.  And let at least some part of what is holding you back or making you feel down, release and leave through the drain.


03/ Hydrate

Staying on the water topic for one more second.  Alright, a few.  You gotta drink some water. If you’re sick, tired, over stressed, bloated, constipated – all these things can be worked through by getting the proper hydration your body needs.  You can go fancy and get a hydroflask, or just find the largest tumbler in your house and sip it all day long.


04 /  Listen To My Body

And for the next segue, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!! I tell clients, especially new clients, in all my classes. If something doesn’t feel right, take a moment to check in with yourself.  A workout class is like life.  You can watch everyone around you do an exercise and compare yourself to their ability.  Or you can do it at your own pace and what works best for you.  Check in with yourself.  Did you exhaust too much energy hosting guests all weekend?  Did you overdo it with too many drinks at cocktail hour last night?  Have you not gotten rest because a kid walked into your room at 3:20 AM with a bad dream.  Maybe you need to dial it down. Allow yourself to not get through every single item on your to do list. Pushing yourself to exhaustion is not the answer.  Repeat after me:  It’s ok to rest.


05 /  Nourish In a Way that Feels Good

You know that scene in Ratatouille when Ego tastes that first bite of ratatouille and is transported to his childhood where his mom made him feel better after he fell off his bike.  When you’re not feeling your best, it’s easy to pile on the bad emotions and spiral. Instead, take a minute to reflect and make a choice that will get your closer to good.  The other day, my gut was feeling horrible after eating too much cheese, which I have not completely come to terms with that I need to limit.  I knew I needed some healthy greens to level set my digestion. ( I was sent this organic greens ritual and that’s what I used).  But I also have my days when I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and it makes me feel that all the complexities of being a grown up are gone if only for a few bites.


06 / Listen to a Podcast on My Specific Issue

I’m currently loving Victoria Garrett’s podcast, Real Pod.  Yesterday, I was driving home and listened to an episode on boundaries.  It is something that I struggle with being an extroverted introvert. Listening to a podcast, where you can relate to someone and even learn a way to help you through whatever it is you’re going through.  Just search on the topic – new mom stress, how to prioritize your mental health, get inspired from someone you admire.  Actively listening on how to work through something is way better than doom scrolling or numbing out by going down a social media rabbit hole.


Still Not Feeling Your Best?

A few more ideas…..

Read a good book


Watch an old movie that makes you smile

Get in a 10 Minute Workout

Get a good night’s sleep

Do some reflecting

Make a fun playlist

Do something nice for someone else

Schedule a call with a friend or family member

Plan something to look forward to – a dinner, a trip, whatever!


I hope that you feel better and stronger! And that this post was helpful.  Share in the comments below a new favorite tip or what you do to make yourself feel better.




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