July 21, 2022

Plank Challenge: The Benefits of Plank Exercises

benefits of plank exercises, plank challenge workout
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Hi friends! Today we are talking planks!! I posted this 8 minute plank challenge video to my YouTube page, but thought I’d share some plank information as well!

benefits of plank exercises, plank challenge workout


5 Benefits of Doing Plank Exercises Daily

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the standard plank.  It may not look like much, but that’s the beauty of this exercise.  Taking the time daily to perform a plank workout will give you numerous benefits.  Including:

benefits of plank exercises, plank challenge workout

1 // IMPROVED POSTURE.  If you find yourself slumping over at a desk every day, or maybe even scrolling on your phone, planks can help counteract that bad posture stance. By working your core muscles, planks help support the spine and keep your body more upright.


2 // FULL BODY WORKOUT.  In this one move, you have the opportunity to work your entire body from arms to lower muscles.  Everything is working together to give you an effective workout at once.


3 //  BETTER BALANCE. Holding a plank position challenges the body to hold still and be in control, without falling over.  You are steadying yourself on your toes or knees and hands or forearms.  This works your balance overall.


4 // HELPS IN AVOIDING INJURIES.  When you work on your core stability, that strengthening  will condition your body for other workouts.  Basically, having a strong core reduces injuries.


5 // REDUCES BACK PAIN.  While the building of muscle is amazing, you are also working on muscle endurance when performing a plank.  Holding a position for a longer periods of time can help combat back pain .

benefits of plank exercises, plank challenge workout

Can Planks Reduce Belly Fat and Aid in Weight Loss?

A commonly searched searched term or asked question when it comes to planks is about belly fat, weight loss, and giving you “abs”.  Let’s cut straight to the point:  you can not hyper target a portion of your body.  Spot reduction workouts simply do not work.

Planks will work your full abdominal muscle group.  We’re talking your transverse abdominis, the deepest of your core muscles and the rectus abdominis (you know, the six-pack).  So yes, planks work nicely in your overall healthy workout and lifestyle, but they are not a magic bullet.

belly fat loss workouts, weight loss workouts to try

About My Workouts

I created my workouts after getting a little tired of the typical barre class. I wanted something Barr-ish. So you’ll find dance, cardio, pilates, yoga, barre, and lots of fun in my workouts. But before we dive into today’s class – let’s get real. On this channel, we strive for strong bodies and feeling good on the inside. While way too many of us are looking for quick fixes and searching terms like “flat belly” and “lose fat”. Doing this video once for eleven minutes, isn’t going to magically transform you. But you know what? Loving your body, celebrating what it can do, showing up for yourself – that will give you results. Get ready to feel the 🔥 . It’s time to get spicy. So let’s get stronger and healthier together! I hope you enjoy this quick and effective workout.


belly fat loss workouts, weight loss workouts to try

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