June 3, 2021

May Recap: Most Purchased, Instagram + Life Lately Updates

what to wear in May, May best sellers from finding beauty mom, summer outfits for women, over forty style, swimsuits

what to wear in May, May best sellers from finding beauty mom, summer outfits for women, over forty style, swimsuits

Wow, May just flew by! There were so many things that happened to really feel like we turned a corner of this crazy year.  Between the kids back in school full time and restrictions lifted, it really started to feel hopeful.

So, usually I just keep these monthly best sellers and Instagram recaps pretty straight forward with outfits, most purchased items and fun.  I do like to share what’s going on in my life behind the scenes.  Today, I feel like I really need a cathartic outlet.  But, I since I don’t feel truly comfortable detailing the specifics of what transpired this month, I would love to share what I learned.

Have you ever been in a conversation or in an environment where you felt “this doesn’t feel right” or “this isn’t for me“.  You know I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan, so I’ve been playing that song It’s Time to Go.  The lyrics include this:

Sometimes giving up is the strong thing
Sometimes to run is the brave thing
Sometimes walking out is the one thing
That will find you the right thing

This month, was a growth month for me.  I did something that was out of my comfort zone, but was the best decision for me.  I don’t do that often. I am a people pleaser.  The person who takes on too much because I don’t want to let people down. Who then feels completely overwhelmed and stressed out on delivering all the things.  However, this May, I trusted my gut and walked away.

Now, the past me would keep going and hold my commitment.  25 year old Kellie would grit through trying to fit a pretty key through the wrong lock. But this current version of me, learned that you can professionally, respectfully, and politely say no.  It may let the other person down.  It may make you temporarily feel upset.  But being honest and having a long term view of what’s right for you, is never wrong.  Also, you can always leave a door open.

Doing this one thing, hopefully leads to more decisions like this for me.  I know this was a pretty vague recap, but I hope there was a positive take away for you somewhere in all that.

Now, let’s move onto the fun!


May Recap: Most Purchased

Matching mommy and me swimsuits, finding beauty mom, daughter matching swimsuit

Matching Mommy + Me Swimsuits

Amazon loungewear, what I bought from Amazon last month, amazon style, finding beauty mom

Amazon Lounge wear



J Crew Summer style, J Crew outfits, best of j crew, classic stye, preppy style, finding beauty mom

J Crew Style (shop them all here)

Shorts + Tank


Puff sleeve shirt with denim cut offs. summer style for women, what i wore, blogger style, finding beauty mom outfits for summer

Puff Sleeve Top


target home decor, best selling target home, target mirror, wall mirror

Target mirror


one peice swimwear for women, cut out swimwear, finding beauty mom

Beach riot swimsuit


golden goose sneakers, best selling golden goose sneakers, what golden goose sneakers to buy, golden goose sneaker outfits,

Golden Goose Sneakers – LOVE!


amazon fashion, dressy shorts, shorts for a date night, date night looks, amazon fashion

Silky Shorts


Instagram Recap

Here’e the grid from May! I hope you’re enjoying my workouts.  I post them every Friday.  Check it out here.

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Blog Posts from the Month…

Summer Sandals

This or That:  Beach Riot Favorites

Target Home Decor


Wishing you a wonderful June!









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